Your Daily Dose of the Why Did You Post That?

In my morning internet briefing, I found this screenshot of a lovely bridezilla’s Facebook post. She was preparing to send out her wedding invites and decided to tell however many hundred Facebook friends she has why many of them didn’t receive invites in the mail. Here you have it.

Can I start by saying who the hell cares? If they didn’t get an invite, I think they get the picture. If they aren’t showing up to anything you’re throwing, then I doubt they care that they aren’t invited to your wedding. That seems to be the main beef this chick has, really who is the butt-hurt one in this situation? If she isn’t, she’s kinda making it look like she super is.

Here’s where you might be thinking wait, Alex, isn’t it kind of hypocritical of you by saying who the hell cares then posting the entire thing on your blog? It’s because yeah, it pretty much is, but I have a point. I wish these Facebook posts where you’re clearly talking smack on someone, and they clearly know it’s about them, but you’re just too chicken to actually tell them that you’re mad at them would just stop already. You look like a stupid teenager. Teenagers actually do the same kind of thing, but on Twitter and it’s called subtweeting. The difference is teenagers usually grow out of it. I used to do the same stuff on Myspace by posting vague but rude bulletins or kicking people out of my top 8 (but guys she called me a drama queen! She’s clearly not one of my top eight friends, I have to tell her the most dramatic way possible). Then I, you know, graduated high school and realized it solves literally NOTHING and everyone involved looks like a huge asshole. My advice is either get a journal or grow a pair when you’re mad at someone and just SAY SO. ‘Cause friendly reminder here guys, this is the internet. This information is now available to just about anyone around the world, so next time you start posting something, maybe think, is this something I want to be accessible to the entire world? If not, just do yourself a favor and delete the status, pour yourself a glass of wine, and chill.


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