Why Everyone Needs to Take A Minute to Appreciate Llamas.

I’ve been having a rough couple of days. Like, really rough. Like I have to decide which shitty option is the less completely suck ass next move for my life. One of those decisions. Though, I have decided to take the high road and hope that through the next few weeks of yuck that I am taking a step towards something new and better in my life (if you were guessing, yes I lost my current job, it’s a long story). Either way. Llamas have helped me get through it. Yes, I am crazy, but not as much as you would think. Llamas are like way cool animals dude look….

download (1)Look at this majestic creature just….

stuffAdorable dude come on really….

imagesLlamas are just so hip these days I can’t even.

It’s made me come to the conclusion that the day has finally come, the transition is complete. I have turned into Carl from Jimmy Neutron.



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