Unpopular Opinions: Why I Love Bromance Stories

I’ve been thinking about starting a segment on the blog called unpopular opinions because I’m learning I have a bunch of them. I’m not trying to be difficult, but I think people could stand to look at things differently from time to time. Maybe (probably) I’m crazy, but I would never express a strong opinion without reasoning to back it up.

This is my disclaimer paragraph: I know bromance stories are not actually unpopular. There is a reason so many bromance movies and tv shows get made. They do really well. They can, however, be unpopular in the feminist eye. No- I’m not here to bash feminism. I do believe all genders should be treated equally. I am a feminist. I am not even remotely afraid to tell people this. This is a different argument for a different time. Another thing to know is you are free to not like either movie or show I use for any reason, the main point I am making is that I think we should re-think calling them anti-feminist and focus our efforts elsewhere.

My favorite bromance probably is that of Schmidt and Jenko in the 21 Jump Street series. Though these movies a certainly somewhat of a monochromatic sausage fest- I mean really a sausage fest in the first one when Mr. Walters gets his manhood shot off in the climax of the movie (I’ve always loved that irony). The chemistry between Jonah and Channing is truly unmatched, though. You really believe the two love each other like brothers, and they are pretty proud about that. Even though in each movie, they abandon each other, in the end what really matters is that they’re a team.


And let’s talk about everyone’s favorite bromance ever, this is indisputable; Turk and JD from Scrubs. Has there ever been a love stronger than theirs? Are they ever ashamed of their undying love for each other? No. So what am I getting at here? In both of these relationships, the guys are open about their feelings for each other, both to each other and to other people sometimes. For me, an important part of feminism is getting rid of the stigma of going against stereotypical gender roles. Or just getting rid of stereotypical gender roles in general. In our society, feelings and emotions are considered a feminine quality for the most part. If a man shows too many feelings they are typically made fun of for this. Now, that’s not fair. As far as I’m concerned, anything that encourages men to actually be in touch or okay with feelings is great news. Don’t lie to me now, guys, I know deep down you all have like A FEW feelings. Trust me, I would know, I tend to be a magnet for emotional dudes. I would complain, except I love it.



I know they aren’t a perfect picture pair of feminist media, clearly. I think all together, the media could make better strides to increase representation of genders and races. It really is important, especially as a society that was basically founded upon being a giant mixing pot of people. It’s about time we acted like it. I am saying that hating on these kinds of movies because they’re bromantical seems like a waste of energy to me, and that I’m not ashamed to like them. Because if I’ve really learned anything at all, it’s that we have to cherish our friendships, and sometimes the greatest loves of our lives aren’t the romantic kind. Plus, another perk I’ve noticed is that ever since the increasing popularity in the bromance is what I’m currently calling “lady bromances” have begun to come around, and I am loving every minutes of that. I’m just going to leave a few of these here…..


tumblr_n4tvz5CoTk1qk08n1o1_500photo 2

Okay, so maybe the last duo isn’t a famous lady bromance… yet. Mark my words. They will be someday.

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