TTLBJIFF; Thank The Lord Baby Jesus it’s Finally Friday

Nothing is better than the thrill of the weekend (or the imminent laziness that one encounters), but it seems to take so long to get here. That’s why today I feel like screaming and shouting to whatever heavens you do or do not believe in, TTLBJIFF.

First, your alarm goes off and you’re like








But you finally realize it’s Friday so you get up to conquer the day


Things are slow going until you get a cup of coffee…








But once the caffeine kicks in you start doing some serious work.






Slowly time ticks by….











So slowly that it’s time for more caffeine


Eventually, it seems like the weekend might never come.


Just when you’re about to give up, it’s closing time and you get your sweet, sweet freedom.


(Disclaimer, if you were wondering if I made this whole post just so I had an excuse to have a video of a Llama skipping to DMX then you were RIGHT friends!)

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