Things You Can Do To Avoid The Gross Wind and Other Sucky Weather

Since SoCal was one of the few places in the country blessed to not be frozen under a zillion feet of snow and ice throughout both winter and spring, I think mother nature has decided to seek her revenge and give us Santa Ana-like winds and ninety degree heat in the spring along with fires blazing in Rancho Cucamonga, aka Hell on earth.┬áNow, I am trying not to be one of those white chicks who complains about the cold when it’s a record freezing sixty degrees out- wait who am I kidding I know I’m exactly that person, this is Orange County I’m talking about. Either way, I feel justified in my awful feelings towards the wind because I have allergies and asthma and I feel like I’ve suddenly started chain smoking because of all of the debris flying around the air. So whether you’re in my boat and can’t breath outdoors or if you just want to avoid messy hair, or even if you’re in another part of the country and just can’t go outside because of the actual freezing temperatures, here are a few things you can do instead.
Whether it’s a book you’ve had sitting on your desk for a while or a bunch of junk magazines, laying around and reading is one of the best things to do with your free time. When I was little I used to read all the time, after school, during school, past my bedtime, so be it. Nowadays I don’t make as much time for reading as I like, so I’ll take this weather as an excuse to hide in my parents room by their AC unit and finally catch up on the Game of Thrones series.
2. Take a bubble bath:
When it’s windy, I feel like everything, including me, has a nice coat of dust on it. What a better excuse to get some good smelling soap and pamper yourself. I often like to combine one and two as well and get really crazy.
Because who needs friends when you have Netflix?

4. Take a Nap:
I love naps. I love naps in the morning. I love naps in the afternoon. I love naps by myself. I love cuddly naps. Just… naps dude. As I previously mentioned, the weather has me feeling less than 100% so I feel justified in a good solid nap.

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5. Spring Cleaning:
The weather is clearly warming up in California, but I still don’t feel like being out in it because the wind equals a slow allergy death right now. So might as well start going through my closet and getting out summer type clothes and throwing away my many pairs of torn tights. And making room for sundresses!

6. Coloring Books:
Seriously. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It’s the best anxiety reliever of all time. There’s no pressure because there is a picture there for you and it’s pretty hard to fuck up a coloring book that bad, if you don’t believe me look at the way children color. And don’t we all need to be a little more child-like from time to time?

7. Anything really!
Seriously, I’m going to just about anything to hide from the wind and avoid it’s dry, itchy, rein of terror. I might even pick up on one of my old Nancy Drew games. It’s been far too long since I’ve solved a mystery other than “where did x article of clothing go?” and “when is my work delivery going to show up?” What is your favorite thing to when avoiding sucky weather or the outdoors in general?

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