The Truth About Leaving

People always leave… don’t they? Or do they run from reality?

It is true that people always leave. People come and go in our lives, it is just a fact. Sometimes they leave to go to school, other times to travel the world, and maybe sometimes to follow their dreams. Leaving means change. Change for the one leaving and change for those they leave behind. 

I have only begun to realize what an odd phenomenon leaving truly is. Who would choose to leave everything they know for something unfamiliar? Why would you leave the security and comfort of the people that love you the most? I do not have a particular answer to these questions and the truth is that every person has a completely different reason for leaving. 

Growing up in a town that isn’t exactly small, but seems so can be great and a privilege that many never experience. The truth is that I cherish every moment I have spent in my hometown. I have grown and created countless memories throughout my life here. The people I have shared my time with will never be forgotten no matter where I am in the world. What I am beginning to understand about people, especially from where I grew up, is that the thought of leaving a place like this rarely, if ever at all crosses their mind. I have heard it so many times, “How could it get better than this?” or “The weather there is so horrible, it is summer here all year round.” While these are valid points that draw so many to the Southern California lifestyle, it is not for everyone. 

I am twenty-three years old. I don’t know whether to say, “only twenty-three” or “fucking geez I am already twenty-three.” Honestly, both seem to be true. We only get so many years on this earth and every moment is precious so it is time to start using all of them. At the same time, I have had many more years than so many others. I do know that I want to live my life. I want to live it with people who want to have fun, party like there is no tomorrow, and quite literally enjoy every single moment. I want to live it in a place I cherish and that only makes me feel like a better person. 

Recently I have woken up to some of the many truths we learn in life. People will not always miss you as much as you might miss them. People will not always be there for you in the same way you are for them. People will not always cherish you as much as you do them. You cannot truly trust anyone but yourself. I can honestly say I wish I had not learned any of these things. They are hard to learn and once you do there is no turning back.

Everyone around me has told me not to run away. No one wants me to run from my soul sucking job, health issues, fear of loss, or fears of getting to close to anyone around me. At this point, call is what you will call it. Tell me I am running away from my life. Tell me I will only find different problems when I arrive at my destination. I am twenty-fucking-three. I have nothing holding me anywhere and a lot of things causing me to want to leave where I am. I also have had one dream since I was a teenager. It has been the same for as long as I can remember. I want to live in my favorite city on this planet. I want to spend time with family I have longed to be closer to my entire life. I want to meet new people and work somewhere with a purpose on this earth. So please go ahead and call it running away or whatever you so please. 

I have been looking for something to tell me to stay where I am. Someone to say, “Don’t leave. I will miss you far too much.” A sign that says, “Stay home.” If anything I have only received reasons I belong elsewhere more and more each day. We all are uncomfortable with change. It is never easy and many times can be devastating. Once the sadness passes, new opportunities surface. Change means new beginnings. I encourage everyone in their twenties to run away once in their life. Leave the crap behind and find new memories to add to your collection. We all deserve a chance to start over for once in our lives and what better time than now.


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