The Sixth Show to Be Added to your DVR This Spring

About a month ago, I did a post about the five shows that you should add to your DVR this spring. Spring television seems to have upped it’s game this year, which is great for me because my allergies currently having me avoiding the outdoors. However, I seemed to have miss a new show that seemingly popped up out of nowhere.

One day after work, I was watching the night before’s @midnight, as I do, and two of the contestants on it were actresses Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair and I found myself hysterically laughing, as I usually do with this show, and going wowie who are these women? As if they heard me ask this question (or as if they had a PR team with the most basic understanding on how to promote TV shows), they plugged their new show on USA, Playing House.

Upon discovering this, I immediately set up my DVR to record the pilot and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The show is about two best friends, Maggie and Emma, who prepare to raise Maggie’s baby after her husband is caught having an affair with a woman online. For whatever reason, initially that concept didn’t intrigue me very much, however, the onscreen chemistry of the two actresses, who are incidentally real life best friends, reminded me a little bit of two other extremely close television best friends who got into some pretty good shenanigans:


And it got me to thinking how excited I was to have a buddy comedy but with girls! Not to say that there aren’t already some great shows about female friendship, Girls and Broad City to name two of my favorite shows, however, I think this show is more appealing to a wider audience. It fits more of the mold of a sitcom, for starters. Plus, some people can’t handle the awkward sex scenes in Girls and Broad City has a very inappropriate sense of humor. That’s not really criticism in my eyes, however I do understand those aren’t two things a lot of people look for in television (but hopefully there are a few of you sickos like me who are reading this that I just sold Broad City and Girls to). This has more of a sense of humor of a show like How I Met Your Mother, where the dirtiness is neatly hidden in innuendos. As well as that, it also will touch on the real, more dramatic side of things and talk about the sort of “life lessons” that HIMYM would. Which is why I think I finally found my replacement show! So there you have it! Playing House airs on Tuesday nights on USA, the third episode is tonight at 10 pm (they had a two episode premiere last week, however don’t fret because you can watch episode one and two on USA’s website!).



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