The Simple Joys of Job Hunting

Since my recent college graduation, I believe that I may have filled out more job applications and written more cover letters than I ever thought humanly possible. Yes, the job hunt is on full force in my world and it feels like a full time job in itself. Only, it’s a full time job that you have to face rejection on a daily basis. Online job hunting has changed the game too, the days of walking in and handing in a resume are slowly slimming. Unless, of course, you want to work in customer service then I highly suggest showing the people you want to hire you that you are, indeed, a person who can talk to other people. However, more often than not we at least start looking for job openings online. Let me walk you through this process.

Step one: Wake up, reinvigorated!

It’s a new day! Your dream job exists, even if it’s not the long term dream job, there’s something out there that’s right for you. It’s time to get up, get out of the pj’s and go sit at a coffee shop and send in applications. But first, breakfast to fuel your soon to be productive day.

Step two: Realize the time

Man, making breakfast sure took a chunk of time out of your day. If you get in the shower and do your hair…. the day will surely be half over. It might be best to just work from home in your sweats, maybe you can even go to the gym when you’re done. All is still well.


Step Three: Start Searching

Let’s look and see whats out there! You have a college degree and job experience, you are a perfectly qualified human being to do some good work. Let’s get searching on LinkedIn.

Step four: Quick TV break

You have found like ten postings and have applied for a couple and buffed up your resume a bit. Your eyes are officially glazing over from staring at your computer. Watching one episode of Orange is the New Black certainly will leave you feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the task more efficiently.


Step Five: Minor Existential Crisis About How Time Flies

Step five could be a potential title for my future memoirs, to be honest. Let’s be real here, time is flying by at speeds that certainly defy the laws of physics. Okay, so maybe binging that extra episode was a bad idea. The fact of the matter is you need to get more done, pronto. Time for lot’s of coffee.


Step Six: Caffeine-high induced manic

This is perhaps the most important step in the hunt, if you play it correctly. After ingesting questionable amounts of caffeinated beverages and perhaps an embarrassing Danny Tanner from Full House style pep talk, you fill out tons more applications, send out your resume so many places. and make a few follow up emails, being careful to not sound to terribly desperate (ie, like you may have cried a little bit in the fourth cup of coffee from a mixture of a caffeine buzz and the fact that they stop selling your favorite lipstick color at Target. Sometimes it’s the little things that count during rough days).



Step Seven: Alcohol

Whether it’s because you need to calm your nerves from the sheer amount of coffee you drank or it’s because an interview for a job you really liked fell through, one thing is certain at the end of the day. A glass of wine (or seven) is a must.


There you have it. It’s not a very glamorous process, but it eventually pays off. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to enjoy the time off, especially since it’s summertime and the beach is calling. Eventually, I will be back to working crazy hours and may fantasize of not turning on an alarm clock and having my daily shoe choice be slippers, but that doesn’t mean this process isn’t still a daunting task to my self-esteem, which is probably why I was so excited to cover for the day at an old job I used to temp at. How do you handle the job hunt? Am I missing a step? Comment below :)

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