The Gang Tackles Las Vegas!

Well, we all made it back alive from Sin City, but just barely! Let me tell you, if you are looking for a relaxing vacation where you barely move, Las Vegas might not be the place to do it. If you are looking for a place where the air smells of cigarettes and desperation and there are no rules (except to cab drivers, apparently- more on this soon), then Vegas is your place.

All kidding aside, we actually did have a great time. Emily and I went up a day early to celebrate my baby girl Karren’s 21st birthday. I got reunited with some of my great loves from Monterey, and these girls, let me tell you, can party. I have never seen so many butts and boobs, so much so that I declared the theme song of the weekend “Ass and Titties.” I also now know the number of a pizza place that will deliver 24 hours in Vegas. I love these girls.


Stolen from Karren’s insta, because this picture makes me SO happy too.


My baes for life.

The next day, we said goodbye to our loves from Monterey, and posted up to watch the world cup while we waited for Morgan and Julia to drive into town. Oh, did I mention we had giant rum slushies? A major necessity in Vegas. Something I would probably only drink in Vegas, in fact. That night, we got ready in mine and Emily’s room for a night out. *Cue Ass and Titties*


Before conquering the clubs, we conquered Margaritaville where we all got balloon hats. I kid you not, the balloon guy looked at me and said. “I have the PERFECT balloon for you.” Oddly enough, I feel like this balloon guy really gets me.


-9  -10

Then were off to XS for their Sunday Night Swim, which was my favorite (I don’t know if it’s because I love XS or I love the idea of being able to take my shoes off and dance in the pool even better).

After we almost lost Julia in the pool, we tried to go to Hakkasan, but it was so crowded and if you so much as look at someone in a VIP area the bouncers trip out, so since our feet were tired and we were hungry so we called a cab. We got picked up in an alley by the club and our cab driver almost immediately got pulled over. There isn’t much more of a confusing thing to four drunk girls than trying to figure out what’s going on when your cab driver gets pulled over. Did we do something? Are we getting charged for this?? Did the cop think we were underage hookers? Here’s a fun fact for you, certain cabs can’t pick up certain areas. Also, no we didn’t pay for it, the cop made him stop the meter. Still, a very odd experience.

After that, we went back to our hotel where Morgan and I split a roast chicken with mashed potatoes and stuffing, because who doesn’t need a mini thanksgiving dinner at three am. Emily insisted on having a chopped liver sandwich, in case you were wondering the way to her heart it is a 24 hour Jewish deli. She is my kind of lady.

-6 -5 -4

The last night was the most mellow, probably because Emily and my liver could not handle much more of the shit we had put it through the past two nights, plus it was a vacation so you know, you’re allowed to relax. Morgan Julia and I went to Ghostbar on top of the Palms. Yes the TOP of the Palms, it was obviously very snapchat worthy because I felt like a very important, rich, person who takes one of those really expensive ballet workout classes and has an annual dog food budget that could pay off my college tuition loans. Or like I spent fifteen dollars on one drink. Whatever.

Then we went to dance and ring in Julia’s birthday very quickly at XS, but we were so tired so we pretty quickly ran back to our room to watch Friends reruns and have a drink in bed. Sometimes, it’s just the simple pleasures of sitcom reruns and an air conditioned room that are what you need.



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