The First Teaser for Pixar’s New Movie is here!

If there is one thing I’ve come to expect and love about summertime, it’s the release of a new Pixar movie. Except this year, due to some shuffling with the director for their scheduled release, they decided not to release the movie. But that’s Pixar, they don’t release a movie until they really believe it’s the best they could do. Mad respect. Either way, it’s left me to only get more excited about next years release. Pixar has kept the details tight about this one, but here’s what we do know. It’s called Inside Out and it’s about a young girl, Reilly, who is uprooted from the Midwest with her family to move cross country to San Fransisco for her dad’s job. Growing up isn’t easy for anyone, but a cross country move definitely will toy on a young girls emotions, and we get front row seats to her emotions, personified by the likes of Amy Pohler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, and more. If the commercial is indicative of the movie at all, it will probably do what Pixar does best and take my emotions for a wild freaking ride (and it does so without even revealing much of the movie-most of it is actually made up of clips of other Pixar emotions). Don’t believe me? Just watch for yourself and find out!

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