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Greystone Mansion Part 2

    Danica Kennedy and I have been best friends since we were five and since we’re both only children we grew up basically sisters.  She lives in LA now so we don’t see each other as often as we’d like but she’s a TV host/ model/ actress so I get to see her on […]


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Award Shows Ups and Downs

I’m aware this speech has been going around for a few weeks, which in the internet world makes it old news. Nonetheless I think the message is really important, especially to teens, especially after the really flashy VMA’s that I boycotted (minus the *Nsync performance, 90’s baby for life). So much media that is aimed at teenagers is about how you’re supposed to look, so it’s nice to hear a positive and inspirational speech claiming that smart is indeed sexy and that hard work does pay off! I just hope the speech wasn’t lost among the glitz and the glam of vampires with six packs (lets be real, we’ve all gotten lost in a sexy vamp every now and again).

What do you think? Did the speech inspire you? Do you think this is all boring bull crap? Comment below lovelies!