Stop the Presses!

Just heard the best news, Sailor Moon is now on Hulu!  I don’t know if anyone else is as obsessed with Sailor Moon as I am or if it just because I grew up the Asian kid that I am (have I mentioned I am a quarter Japanese) but Sailor Moon was one of my favorite shows growing up and is still something I love to watch!  If anyone is interested they just started putting up one episode every Monday.  It is the Japanese version with English subtitles so that may be different from what most of you have seen but it is still amazing!  I seriously recommend it because it shows that anyone, even the ditziest crybaby can become the hero of their own life and of the world.  Also the costumes and gadgets are so cool and I wish I had a pen that changed my clothes into the situation appropriate outfit because who doesn’t need that!  Anyways you can watch it at and let me know what you think!

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