Spice World Drinking Game!

In case you missed it, Netflix added a bunch of new shows and movies. For some reason this batch contains what I’m calling a “childhood nostalgia” pack of movies in it. Among the group are both Mighty Ducks movies, pretty much all of the Air Bud movies, and yes, Spice World. As an avid Spice Girls fan, who did indeed attend their reunion tour in ‘07, of course I have the movie on VHS. Since I got rid of my VCR after college (I know, that was last December but you have to realize that a VCR was basically my childhood and I was and still am clinging to that), the thing is basically just a novelty. Until now!


Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic night, a fun girls night in game, or just to Spice Up Your life a little, I have a fun game for you. I present to you,

The Awkward Life Spice World Drinking Game!


Take a drink if-

1. Posh can’t participate in some sort of activity for fear of messing up her hair, outfit, etc.

2. The girls shout girl power or flash peace fingers. Extra drink if it happens at the same time!

3. Drink every time you envy the British flag tour bus.

4. Whenever the “documentary crew” shows up.

5. For every weird dreamlike flashback/forward sequence.

Bonus round!!

Cheers to your friends every time a song comes on and have a dance party! Whoever doesn’t participate in dance parties must take a shot.

So pour yourself a drink and have a girl power filled night with your friends. Tweet us your Spice Girl drinking game pics @awklifeblog!

Happy Friday :)


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