So PUMPED for the Return of New Girl 1

It’s official, in t-minus one week, New Girl is officially back on our televisions, and my soul will be just that much more whole. Not to mention, last season ended in somewhat of a bittersweet way. Not bad, but these characters all went through a lot of changes last season and left us with a few questions. How is it going to be having all four of them in the apartment?  Are Nick and Jess really going to be able to be friends again? Will the douchebag jar make a triumphant return to the apartment since Schmidt is back?! If you’re like me and are getting too excited for the season premiere, may I suggest one of my favorite rainy day activities, watching bloopers. Here’s season one and two. I’ve got my eyes open for season three. Enjoy :)


New Girl will return September 16th at 9 pm. If you haven’t heard, Jessica Biel is going to be in the new seaon as Jess’ nemesis. Check it out. Plus, episode two is titled Tinder, so this is all so fricken promising. How are you preparing for season four? What are you hoping happens? Share in the comments below or tweet us @awklifeblog!

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