Rough Cut Day!

Not to sound like a broken record, but this semester is going by unbelievably fast. It seems like I was just sitting down with my producer looking at our schedule for the semester and thinking about the unbelievable amount of shit we had to get through before rough cuts. But the day is here! Today in my class, we are taking our rough cuts (for those of you who aren’t familiar with what a rough cut is, it’s just like it sounds. A ‘rough draft’ cut of the movie. There is no sound design, no title graphics, little to no music, just basically what you will see on screen plus dialogue) and screen them on the big screen in the World Theater where we premiere in December. I’m both excited (because it’s getting close to being finished and we get to look at our hard work on the big screen) and nervous (because all the flaws are there on THE BIG SCREEN).

To celebrate the occasion, I thought I would share a couple of stills from our movie!


Yes, I do cameo in my own movie, and I bring the sass like no other. Following in the steps of other great directors, like Hitchcock and Tarantino. My class must be super conceited though, because there are four of us who make a guest appearance in our own movie.

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