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Hey readers!

It’s that time of year again when we all are seemingly so busy, that the posts are coming less frequently. I promise it won’t last long, especially on my front because I have lots of new shows to talk about. In the meantime, I thought I would sort of update you guys on where we are at (and maybe why we aren’t writing so much).

Julia is living in New York now! Which is really exciting, she has her own tiny apartment (no really, tiny, it’s basically a glorified bedroom, but in New York that’s really amazing, and it’s bigger than a dorm so it is a step up). She started studying for her masters officially and is back to the grind of doing homework and moving into a new city. She called me the other day after trying to figure out how to put a rug the size of her apartment into the room that’s already furnished. In Julia fashion, it was a hilarious story. She promises to have more updates and pictures soon.

Morgan just had a birthday, a couple weeks ago, the baby of the group turned 23. To celebrate adulthood (or deny it?) we drank margaritas and jumped in a bounce house and marveled at how tired we were from the week and went to bed much earlier than usual. As unexciting as it sounds, I had a lot of fun and hope she did too. That’s what I’m learning about adulthood. Sometimes, during a busy week, getting a good nights sleep after a day of margaritas is the best news. Especially since she was just stuck in Cabo during the hurricane. Anything that is safe and not sleeping in a tiny airport is great news these days.

Emily is recovering from surgery! Last I checked, she’s up and walking around, and hopefully should be going home from the hospital today. I’m basically dying at work because I would much rather be off taking care of her, but her mom and doctors are doing a good job. She’s also thinking of moving to Chicago, which is exciting news (except that I will still be in California and will miss her), she’ll be updating everyone on when plans have been made official (and when she’s fully recovered, I’m sure). Everyone send her your love this upcoming week! She’s being strong, but could always use the good vibes!

And me…. I am the least exciting of the group right now but I am on the heals of a few good changes coming up. I’ve basically been doing a lot of grunt work. But I did get to fill in for someone on the set of ABC’s Revenge a few weeks back, which was fun and I met some really cool people and got a few emails. We’ll see what happens. I’m basically always networking. I’ve been writing a lot, more on what I’ve been writing later, but clearly it hasn’t been much for the blog. Lastly, I have found a couple options on moving out, so depending on where I secure my next job (I’m finishing up a temporary assignment right now), I should hypothetically have met my goal and staying at my parents home no longer than a year after college. I haven’t made anything official, so announcing it on the internet seems premature and since I’m the type of person to jinx things, I’m trying to be somewhat of an adult and get the logistics figured out first, but I think I have an idea on where I hope to be soon (and with whom!). I’m very excited, because it’s been a slow year for me, but the development of moving forward would make it all worth it.

So that’s where we are. I know this isn’t the most exciting post, but it’s the calm before the storm! If you’re still reading know that we love you very much for it, and I give you a virtual hug and kiss on the cheek because you are awesome. The fact that anyone has paid any attention to us at all is still weird, and the fact that over 600 of you have subscribed to the thing we call our blog is honestly surreal. Hopefully one of us has written at least one thing that’s made up for your reads, clicks and subscriptions, and if not hopefully we will in the future.

Lots and lots of love,

The Awkward Life


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