Passive aggressive Facebook posts and other concerns of a social media obsessed girl

I am a self claimed addict of social media. Ever since the whole Myspace/AIM fad (sorry guys, a little young for the whole Friendster phase, to put it in perspective Friendster came about in 2002. In 2002 I was eleven and bought my first training bra, much to my dismay). Now that I can browse Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and tumblr. from anywhere with cell service, I can officially solely virtually socialize if I so pleased.  So I’m here to talk about a little bit of what I would consider a no-no on the internet: going on a  passive aggressive rant on social media. Is it perhaps a bit hypocritical of me to rant about people ranting? Maybe. Will it be biased on my own negative experiences with it? Definitely, however it is my blog so I presume you knew you were reading my opinion.

First off I would like to say I think there is a way to rant properly on Facebook/twitter/etc and not seem like an immature, angst ridden teenager.  For starters, a lot of that has to do with subject matter. For whatever reason, I have 537 Facebook friends (fun facts: the more friends on has on Facebook is in fact not equivalent to one’s coolness factor! I learned the more friends you have on Facebook, the less statuses you actually care to read). What I’m getting at is there are some things in my life that I don’t want all 537 of you them to know about and be able to then spread if they find interesting enough. I’m pretty open and honest, but there are definitely boundaries. As I’m sure there are things my five hundred something Facebook friends want to know. So keep the gritty details of your BMs and break-ups to a closer circle of friends.

I’m not saying that the internet can’t be good outlets for day to day issues. A good friend of mine and all around magically fantastic human being, Brian, is the king of blowing off steam from working at Starbucks on his Facebook. His secret is his amazing-ness and comedic value. For example:

*Changing the toilet paper in the women’s restroom*

Customer (SILENT LIKE A FUCKING NINJA!): Oh, sorry!
Me: Oh! Yeah I’m just changing the rolls out.
Customer: Should I wait til your done or…?

SHOULD you? Yes. You should. You definitely should.

Was there some passive aggressive sassiness? Most certainly! But it was sure appreciated, mostly because this isn’t really hurting anyone and because I laughed so hard I think I did a spit take. Mostly, I think it bothers me the most is when people post things like this that’s about their friends. I can tell you why, and you can trust me from experience because I’ve admittedly been on both ends of this situation, and I’m not proud of it! Because when you’re having an issue with a friend, you should want to fix it. Because they are your friend. Everyone makes mistakes, including you, and when you make mistakes you will want your friends to be there by your side helping you through the rough times and forgiving you when you might have acted like an ass face. So you need to either get over it and let it go or tell them when you have a problem with them, not just passive aggressively post on the internet because that won’t actually fix anything.

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