Shows You Should Be Watching: You’re the Worst

I’ve always pretty much loved watching TV, as a socially awkward child I pretty quickly fell for sitcoms, because you get a group of friends without having to actually do anything! My love has, however, only turned into a bit of an obsession since television is in somewhat of a “golden age.” There are too […]



I’m Looking forward to Fall TV

If I’ve mentioned before, I’ll mention it again. Every year, as fall approaches, I can smell it in the air, and I can feel my soul regenerating again from the sticky, sweaty, hell that is summertime. I start daydreaming about scarves, sweaters, pumpkins, Halloween, candy, and all around happiness. Don’t get me wrong, summer has […]

My Hopes for the Emmy’s Tonight!

Despite the fact that the Emmy’s are on a Monday this year because NBC didn’t want them competing with Sunday Night Football, thus causing me stress because I really have to hurry to get home from work not to miss them, plus I will definitely miss all of the red carpet, I’m still really excited […]

amy and tina

Advice for College Freshmen From a Recent College Grad

Labor Day is coming pretty early this year, and so summer is coming to a close. Admittedly, I’m very excited for summer to be over, as much as I do enjoy certain summer activities, I live for fall and winter. I’m beyond tired of feeling hot and sticky and like I need a shower about […]

My End of Summer Reading List

  I have two settings with reading: reads one book a month or reads six books at once. Either way, I’m always excited about books. I always thought it would be neat to have a 24 hour bookstore/coffee shop where you could go hang out, get a hot cocoa or coffee, and pick up a […]


Alfred Hitchcock

Happy Birthday to the Master of Suspense

Today in 1899 legendary director of horror and suspense films Alfred Hitchcock was born! Alfred Hitchcock directed movies like Psycho, North by Northwest, The Birds, and my favorite, Vertigo. Hitchcock still to this day has one of the most distinct directorial styles. He did unique and innovative things like using the camera to mimic someones […]

Unpopular Opinions: We Should Better Respect Movie Adaptations

I’m back in action trying to shove my unpopular opinions down your throat! This one I’m certain a lot of people are going to be mad about just by reading the title. That’s fine. I’m pretty ready on this one, I’ve been debating it for a while now. This is my disclaimer paragraph. I am […]


Rest in Peace Robin Williams

Today the world was rocked by a the tragic loss of actor and comedian Robin Williams at the age of 63, and the apparent cause is suicide. This one hit me particularly close to home. I’ve always had a strong love for comedy, and this man was one of the first people to open my […]

Spice World Drinking Game!

In case you missed it, Netflix added a bunch of new shows and movies. For some reason this batch contains what I’m calling a “childhood nostalgia” pack of movies in it. Among the group are both Mighty Ducks movies, pretty much all of the Air Bud movies, and yes, Spice World. As an avid Spice […]



Your Daily Dose of the Why Did You Post That?

In my morning internet briefing, I found this screenshot of a lovely bridezilla’s Facebook post. She was preparing to send out her wedding invites and decided to tell however many hundred Facebook friends she has why many of them didn’t receive invites in the mail. Here you have it. Can I start by saying who […]