Oh My Emmy Nominations!

Okay, so I guess for starters I want to apologize for being so off and on about blogging this summer. I have to say being a college graduate and full-time adult is really hard, guys. I honestly don’t know when I am going to stop pretending that I’m an adult and start actually being and adult, but I promise I will write more on that and other things when I get back from Vegas next week. Promise.

Before I left for Sin City for a weekend of questionable decision making and weather that I would never willingly submit myself to except under the pretense of lot’s of alcohol and glitter, something exciting in my world happened (okay- maybe not directly in my world but in a world that I watch adoringly from the outside and try to break into). The Emmy Nominations were announced!

Award show glamor is my bread and butter. Every last cliche I unapologetically adore, from cheesy, tear filled acceptance speech, to crazy expensive dresses and jewelry, to who shows up with who on the red carpet. I dig it. I’m aware how vein and ridiculous they are. Don’t remind me. Don’t burst my bubble. Let me have this night of drinking wine in my PJ’s in front of the TV, crying along with some winners and loudly complaining about my favorites being snubbed- yet again. There are some of my opinions worth arguing with me on- like my hatred for country music (even though I secretly listen to Johnny Cash when I’m depressed and go line dancing with my friends frequently). My love for award shows is not one of those things.

I have found myself increasingly more excited for the Emmy’s each year, more so than the Oscars these days. There are two main reasons for that: there is an increasing amount of great roles for women in television (not perfect, but surely more so than Oscar roles) and there is a separate category for comedy. Often times, my personal favorite movies each years are comedies, but comparing 12 Years a Slave to Frozen, which is listed on IMDb as the most popular comedy of 2013, is clearly like comparing apples and oranges. Or in this case like comparing an adorable singing snowman to… yeah even saying that out loud makes me feel ridiculous, you get the picture.

Back to my first point though, there are an increasing amount of roles for women of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, etc. It’s so exciting, really. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at some of the nominees this year, starting with Laverne Cox nominated for best guest actress for her role in Orange is the New Black. That’s right, our first transgender nominee. I love that it just happened, there was seemingly no drama or protest around it, just really great acting getting really great recognition. That’s honestly how it should be.

Orange is the New Black itself is really changing roles for women, and it’s doing pretty well while doing so, taking home twelve nominations- more than any other scripted comedy! I think this is a good example of what women have been basically begging for when we say we want more strong female characters; the characters in this show are all strong and unique, but also all very flawed and have had to learn to overcome their mistakes. Clearly not only are women everywhere rejoicing, but so are the members of the television academy.

All around, there are a ton of really great nominees. I am having the hardest time picking my favorite lead actor in a drama. In fact, I think we should have Bryan Cranston, Kevin Spacey, and Jon Hamm just mud wrestle for them at this point, they are seriously so evenly matched. Plus, that would be great television. Part of me wants Jon Hamm to get it because he has been nominated for best actor in a drama in Mad Men seven times… and never won! But when you put Don Draper next to Walter White and Francis Underwood, well, I obviously think mud wrestling so clearly I should be seeing a therapist, but that’s a different story for a different day.

Again in the best supporting actor in a comedy, so hard for me to want to pick. Adam Driver from Girls has been one of my favorite actors since season one of the show. I’m so glad he’s getting other roles because I think he’s insanely talented. However, Ty Burrell as Phil from Modern Family has a direct line to my funny bone, Tony Hale from Veep is usually favorited in this category, and for good reason. Plus the big geek in me did a happy dance for Fred Armison and Portlandia getting nominated because I just adore that show’s off brand of humor. Give me more.

The geek in me is back doing more happy dances for the miniseries category. Both American Horror Story: Coven AND Sherlock got nominations! GUYS! THAT’S TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE. If you make a show about sassy, bitchy, witches in Louisiana you can BEST believe I’m gonna be a fan. Also, if you make a show about a sassy, sociopath detective, I am also in. Honestly, sassiness and witches are my weakness. However, in that category I bet that the big competition is Fargo and the Normal Heart (though did you notice that two Martin Freeman shows are going against each other in places?). If you haven’t watched either of those, you should before the Emmy’s because they are both just beautifully made.

All of this geeking out have happened, there are definitely a few things missing, which is understandable since these categories are so competitive. For starters, I don’t even watch Orphan Black (I know, I KNOW, it’s high on my to do list) and I know Tatiana Maslany should have an Emmy of her own. I don’t know why she’s getting snubbed constantly. And what the heck, Mindy Kaling can announce the nominations but not get one? If her character from The Mindy Project, Dr. Lahiri, were here to see this I feel like she say that this is a wildly unfair injustice. I would have to agree. Personally, I think every time The Big Bang Theory got a nomination, you could replace it with either The Mindy Project or Parks and Rec, which at least got one nomination. The Big Bang Theory ran it’s course at least three seasons ago. You can only make the same gimmicky jokes again and again without it becoming then insulting. Lastly, I was really pulling for Broad City to get some love! Maybe it’s because that show is literally my dream; hilarious web series turned into successful television show produced by Amy Pohler. However, the show itself is really unique (despite it’s simple premise) and genuinely makes me laugh, like actual laughter and not just blowing air out of my nose.

So all this being said, I’m very excited for this years Emmy’s. I’ll definitely be back to talk about them more, because believe it or not, I actually left a lot out of this post. Plus, I will have to make a drinking game like I did for the Oscars. What do you guys think? Any snubs you can’t get over? Who’s your votes to win? Comment below!


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