My Reaction To Everything Right Now

I do want to clarify… I have been doing a lot of ground work. I visited a television set a few weeks ago and have my resume out and have been doing the whole “meeting people” thing. Hopefully my capstone will get into a festival or two in April. I interviewed with a temp agency Monday. And I’ve been working on a ton of writing and getting back at the gym.

However, none of these things actually pay me and it’s basically a lot of work that will pay off in the (very) long run, so right now what it looks like is I just sit at home all day and watch TV and go out with friends every weekend, and it’s really hard to explain all of this to other people when they ask things about what you’re doing with your life. It’s especially hard to explain to my poor parents. Usually I just say something self deprecating, like, “Oh yeah I drink wine and enter in contests to see free concerts,” (neither of which are untrue to be fair). Now, thanks to my favorite new show on TV right now, Broad City, I found a much better and shorter way of answering any questions related to said responsibilities. In the show, Abbi is sitting in the waiting room of a dentists office (and we’ll just say she’s not sober). She’s goofing around and this kid in the waiting room can’t stop laughing at her, and neither can I, and his mom asks how many kids she has, just assuming that she knows how to entertain the kid because she has some of her own. The reaction is priceless.







(disclaimer, I didn’t make these gifs, I got them from this wonderful human’s tumblr! My laptop has such old software on it, it’s basically just a glorified typewriter, I had to find them on my phone then, after I type this I will have to check that it all posted on my phone as well)

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