My Hopes for the Emmy’s Tonight!

Despite the fact that the Emmy’s are on a Monday this year because NBC didn’t want them competing with Sunday Night Football, thus causing me stress because I really have to hurry to get home from work not to miss them, plus I will definitely miss all of the red carpet, I’m still really excited for the Emmy’s. I KNOW I can record it, but watching the red carpet after the awards seems pretty useless because I already know what everyone wore, and I don’t want to waste any time getting behind because then the likelihood of something getting spoiled for me runs high, so YES I plan on just rushing home after work in a stressed out tiffy, I’m sorry. I sometimes can be an unavoidable mess.

Any-who, I digress. Television is in a golden era right now. Take the sheer amount of channels offered and add in the internet changing the way we can watch TV (thank you Netflix and cable providers for giving me television on demand, I can pretty much watch TV forever now if I want to!), it was bound to happen eventually. If you think about it, Netflix does something pretty crazy. Before, we relied solely on Nielsen ratings to see who watched what, but now that people watch a lot of TV online, that’s becoming sort of an outdated way to know actual, solid statistics. Now, Netflix has access to everything that everyone who has a Netflix account is watching, when they watch it, and how frequently. They can use this to put together what kinds of shows and movies are most popular when they make decisions on what to make for their o.c. and come up with really great shows like O.I.T.N.B and House of Cards. That’s part terrifying, part amazing and I for one am very interested to see how all of these developments affect tonight’s awards. Here are a few things I hope that happen.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler help out Seth
Thanks to the Golden Globes, I pretty much expect them to show up at award shows now. I’m very spoiled. I love Seth Meyers and think he’ll do a fine job, but I hope his former SNL co-stars come in and mix things up a little and that they all have fun with it.

amy and tina

Some well-deserved first winners…..
Did you know neither Amy Poehler nor Jon Hamm have won an Emmy?! No, for reals, last year they hosted an after party for the losers. Though, I doubt Jon Hamm will win because Matthew McConaughey is on a “where the hell did this quality acting come from” hot streak right now. That doesn’t mean anything for Amy Poehler who has in fact been nominated for an Emmy thirteen times and never won. As Parks and Rec approaches it’s last season, I think it’s her turn.


Some Emmy alums make room for new shows
Shows like Modern Family are known for sweeping the Emmy’s every year. Modern Family maintains being just all around one of the funniest shows on television and deserves praise for sure, but it’s time for some new shows that are really doing something kind of different to take the spotlight. Like Orange is the New Black,  or anything besides The Big Bang Theory, which is anything besides fresh. I’d like to see a few less obvious but still amazing shows get the praise they deserve.


Breaking Bad gets to take a final bow
That being said, sometimes a show, no matter how many Emmy’s it’s got, deserves to win, like Breaking Bad for example. It’s last season was just so amazing and so often a series last season is so not great. I hope it gets one final recognition for staying so strong all the way through.

walter white

BBC gets some loving!
Though Fargo was probably the best out of anything in the miniseries category, I was happy to see that at least Sherlock got a little attention. These BBC shows, especially Sherlock, are like mini movies and have such high production quality, I hope they get like, a little love (even though Martin Freeman is getting a lotta love, being nominated for both best lead actor in a mini series and best supporting actor in a miniseries. Go Bilbo Baggins!)


Serious Shenanigans go down
Though this is a very professional, serious award show, my favorite part is seeing all of the casts and crews getting to have fun and goof off together. If things get too serious, it can get boring and pretentious really fricken fast. I mean, heck, Ellen ordered a pizza at the Oscars. I’m really most excited to see if that can be topped. Your move, Seth Meyers!


What do you think? Who do you hope wins? What are your guys’ Emmy plans? Comment below or tweet us @awklifeblog!

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