My First Official Blog Rant

I feel like I can be a part of the internet world now because, guys, guess what? I have something to rant and bitch about over the internet. So Tuesday nights is TV nights at my house because out of all of my college friends, I am fortunate enough to have the nicest TV and am the only one with DVR (how, you may ask? I live with my wonderful aunt so it is provided for me! Spoiled!). It started out as New Girl night, but now we usually watch both New Girl and the previous nights How I Met Your Mother. As of tonight, I consider one to be always amazing and one to be a current major disappointment in my life.

Spoiler alert all around here. If you’re not caught up on either of these shows please stop reading. But New Girl is the show that keeps on giving. Tonight, Coach came back. For us New Girl fans, this was a very exciting moment and the episode did not disappoint. Strippers, Temple Grandin Jokes, naked black men, I mean the episode had it all. I have to say this show started full throttle from the first episode and has not let go since.

However… here is the disappointment. I hate saying this, because How I Met Your Mother has been a show that I have been obsessed with for a long time. And obsessed is no understatement. I watch this show before bed for comfort. I have seen every episode so many times, I have lost count. And as the title promised, it is about how Ted meets the mother of his children. And it took EIGHT season to even just see the woman. Talk about build up! And midway through the ninth season, FINALLY, they have the proposal scene. And I want to start by saying I’m not the gushiest romantic. Or any romantic feelings I have, I keep buried because they are impractical feelings. BUT THAT WAS THE WIMPIEST PROPOSAL I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER. He got on one knee. THAT WAS IT?! And this season is all around Barney and Robin’s wedding, so we barely get to see Ted and “the mother” together, and when we do actually see them together it is obvious the two actors have almost no chemistry WHATSOEVER. I waited how long for this? For shitty chemistry and a two word proposal? Really CBS? Want to think about how this is your highest rated show? And how because of that, you just signed on for a spin off of said show? Talk about the biggest let down of the year.

So yeah. I ranted on the internet. There you go. What do you think? Am I a drama queen? Was that episode as disappointing to you as it was to me? Comments below!

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