Moving Cross-Country: Advice


So as Alex mentioned I’m in NYC now, hence being MIA.  Being here is great but getting here was a pain.

So these directions are for if you are moving somewhere across the US that requires a plane flight.  I also was not moving with any furniture or house supplies, mostly just clothes and books.  If you are moving with anything else then this wont be very helpful!

How I Pack:

1.  I got two large suitcases off Craigslist for the flight.  I put as much as I could inside of them, anything that I thought I would need right away (but I kept the weight under the required 50 pounds).  Since I got them off Craigslist I put everything in trash bags to protect my stuff and to speed up unpacking.  The reason for buying cheep suitcases is that I could just throw them away or sell them and not have to worry about having to store them after I was done moving.

2.  For everything that didn’t fit or was too heavy for the suitcases, I got boxes from Home Depot.  I put everything inside spacebags, because if the box get damaged nothing can get lost if it is all sealed up.  I like to tape my boxes so that the edges are completely sealed and air-tight.  I also like to reinforce the box by taping around the middle, because that is where they tend to break.  I would rather over tape then not put enough.

3. I mail the boxes by USPS, they charge by weight not size.  Putting 10 pounds in a large box costs the same as 10 pounds in a small box.

4.  If you are mailing books, USPS has a special book rate, so put them in their own box and you’ll get charged less.

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