Motivation Monday

All weekend, I have been racking my brain trying to think about what to write about for motivation Monday and for whatever reason this week was exhausting and it took all of my creative energy and stomped it out and I have been stumped. I go through these ups and downs with writing in general, sometimes I can accomplish so much and sometimes I can barely focus my way through a sentence (which coincidentally, halfway through that sentence I got up an made myself a cup of tea and had to come back and think, gosh what was I about to say? My mind is an exhausting place. Where was I going with this post? OH, that’s right. Hmmph).

Really, what I felt like doing was skipping this post and going to bed nice and early because I start a new job Monday bright and early (side note: I write these posts ahead of time because ain’t nobody got time for Mondays, this is being written Sunday night at about 10:30 pm). I was about to when the Oscars were over, except the words from one speech gave me the extra boost to pump out a quick post.

“Let it Go” won best original song (yay!) and Kristen Anderson Lopez gave out a few encouraging words to her kids who inspired the song. After the obligatory thanking, she told her girls to, “never let fear or shame keep you from celebrating the unique people that you are.”  So today’s post is short and simple, but nevertheless some motivating words to start the week with. Don’t let fear and shame get in the way from achieving your dreams. I always think of what one of my science teachers used to say about tests. If you don’t know an answer, at least try because you have a chance at picking the right answer, but if you just give up you’re guaranteed to be wrong. Now, that may have just been about how to not fail multiple choice tests in middle school, but the thought behind it can be applied to every day life. If you don’t even try, you’ll always fail.

And if this wasn’t enough motivation for you, you can always blast Let it Go a few times, I know that always gives me the energy I need. url-1

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