Moments that Made us Fall in Love with The Mindy Project

Today is the day that I have been waiting for, New Girl and The Mindy Project return to TV marking the beginning of what looks like a wonderful fall television season. I’m probably more excited than I should be, to be honest. Most days, I don’t mind putting in a little extra work (ya give what ya get, guys) but today is not that day. I don’t care that the shows don’t start until 9 pm. I am a creature of habit, and I have to create a shrine to thank the TV gods for the wonderful night of entertainment I am about to receive. So come clock out time on Tuesday the sixteenth, I’m outta here.


It’s the Weekend my shows are on…. BYEEE.

The Mindy Project shares a special part in my heart because of how it got there. The show initially didn’t catch my attention at all, but this is one of the cases where the placement in Fox’s lineup really made a difference. I’ve obviously been a big fan of New Girl from the beginning (and I am SOO excited for it to be back tonight! Yeah, go ahead and click on any of those words….), and in case you might have missed out, the credits scenes are usually Schmidt gold, and if you DVR it you tend to miss the credits scene. That caused many a heated argument at my weekly New Girl nights, so being the sarcastic asshole I was I finally added the extra time to the DVR settings, an extra five minutes. What ended up happening was I then started watching the first five minutes of The Mindy Project… and I became really invested in it. Eventually, I ended up catching up on it and recording both shows (spoiler alert, the rest of the show is just as funny and charming as the first five minutes) and now it’s one of my top five shows. The show has a lot of wonderful little moments that captured my heart, and I need to take a moment to reminisce.

The moment that I realized that Mindy speaks to my soul on embarrassing levels:


The moment we all realized that we are Mindy:


This moment, that needs no explanation at all:


The moments that Kevin Smith showed up:

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The moments when James Franco showed up (seriously, this show has the best guest actors):

Any moment when Mindy had the killer short wig:


The moment when Dr. Reed just doesn’t understand what it means to be a fangirl:


The moment when Mindy speaks truth bombs:


And finally, this moment. Which made my heart melt because I’m a big softy. Mindy=Danny 4evaaaaa <3


What are your favorite Mindy Project moments? Share below in the comment section or tweet us @awklifeblog! :)

The Mindy Projects returns to Fox on September 16th at 9:30 PM after New Girl. Here are a few sneak peeks

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