Little Changes Make a Difference

Like everyone else I’m very excited for fall and I am in a bit of denial about it.  I grew up here and I spent my first two years of college in Southern California and then I transferred to Connecticut for two years. I didn’t really love winter there, call me crazy but having to wear the coat equivalent of a sleeping bag everywhere isn’t my idea of fun, but I loved actually getting to layer and accessorize for fall.  Now that I’m back in CA I’m just going to pretend its fall here even though its really still summer (I know, I know not something to actually complain about).  Here is an outfit that proves I’m in denial, the pants are actually teal corduroys, not that you can tell, and I started overheating ’cause it was in the 80’s that day.


The topic I really want to talk about though is how to tweak an outfit to make it look its best.  I happen to be short and curvy which I love, but magazines, models and most bloggers tend to be tall and thin so what works for them obviously doesn’t work for me.  I love big blousie (don’t think that’s a word but oh well), tops but with my short little arms I tend to drown in them.  I started by rolling up my sleeves which keeps me from looking overwhelmed by the top and conveniently shows off any bracelets.  As you can see from the pictures below leaving the shirt un-tucked makes me look shorter and larger and a little unkempt.  I don’t like tucking in shirts because A) they look way to stuffy for a casual look and B) I can never get them to stay so they annoy me all day.  Tying a shirt is a cute casual way to make a shirt fit you better and it adds a little interest to the outfit and I think its fun.  This works best with a silk shirt like this because the ties don’t stick out awkwardly but instead fall nicely. I’ve made fool-proof instructions for you:


Step 1: Unbutton the bottom of the shirt

Step 2: Tie

Step 3: Re-button any buttons gaping above the knot

Tip: Tie shirt near the top of your pants to keep from looking like Daisy Duke (unless that the look you’re going for).



I added the hat because it is fall which obviously equals hats.



Hat: Old from Nordstrom but I love this Two Tone, Navy, and the Trilby in taupe.

Top: Equipment ‘Signature’ Silk Shirt from  Nordstrom

Pants: The Legging Velvet Cord – AG Jeans (comfiest pants ever!)


Shoes: Sam Edelman also here and here

Necklace: old Juicy Couture

Bracelet: J. Crew old



I hope this helps, I’ll be giving more tips like this from time to time. You can find them later under the tag #little changes.

Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments!

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