I’m Looking forward to Fall TV

If I’ve mentioned before, I’ll mention it again. Every year, as fall approaches, I can smell it in the air, and I can feel my soul regenerating again from the sticky, sweaty, hell that is summertime. I start daydreaming about scarves, sweaters, pumpkins, Halloween, candy, and all around happiness. Don’t get me wrong, summer has it perks. I love that it stays light later and leaves more time for bonfires and backyard BBQ’s. After a while, though, I get tired of sleeping glued to my fan. Maybe it’s because I’m spoiled and in SoCal, we are able to have backyard BBQ’s like 90% of the year. So things like that aren’t enough of a perk. And, yeah, sweaters will probably have to wait until maybe mid-October. It’s okay, though, because fall means one for sure thing, besides the sheer amount of pumpkin spice lattes I will drink; if my gravestone doesn’t read “Drank too many pumpkin spice lattes #whitegirlproblems” I will be disappointed in myself. Anyways, I tend to veer from the point when I get excited. In the fall, the TV lineup tends to get real. *Fangirls loudly until her mom says she’s being annoying*

1. American Horror Story Freak Show
I’ve been on the AHS bandwagon since season one, and I’m still feeling the high that Coven left me with. A show about sassy witches is like my bread and butter. So what are they going to follow that up with? In comes Freak Show, in 1952 Jupiter, Florida when one of the few freak shows left rolls into town and brings some evil forces with it. Everything about this season looks great, from the cast to all of the set pictures…. I can’t wait. AHS Freakshow is set to premiere October 8th on FX.


2. New Girl
I never get enough of this show. I don’t know why but the episodes could be about nothing, I just want to be a part of the gang. Last season left with a lot of weird feelings though, Schmidt hasn’t been himself, Nick and Jess broke up, Cece was dating someone younger than me, I don’t know. It was weird. But it’s left me with high hopes for shenanigans after all of the serious business they handled. Especially with Schmidt, I miss the douche bag jar and hopefully since he’s back in the apartment I think it’s going to be back in action. The new season of New Girl premieres September 16th at 9 pm.


3. The Mindy Project
I have a weird relationship with this show. I started watching the first five minutes because it was left on my DVR after New Girl and I started finding myself increasingly excited for the first five minutes of the show each week. So I read Mindy Khaling’s book and marathoned the whole show within the span of a week and now it’s one of my top five shows on TV right now. I had no idea what I was missing. If you follow Mindy on Insta like I do (I’m on a first name basis because I like to pretend we’re besties and she’s going to take me under her wing as her writers assistant and show me the ropes in Hollywood. It’s a very Mindy like illusion, I like to think), you have seen all the pictures of the set and are just as excited for the season. Mindy+Danny 4EVA! The new season of The Mindy Project premieres September 16th at 9:30 pm.


4. Selfie
Initially when I saw the title of this show, I was turned off, it annoyed me almost immediately. Then when I watched the commercial, I turned around pretty quick. I think the title is supposed to be a little annoying and self-absorbed, the show being about a 20-something coming out of an embarrassing viral video incident who hires a marketing expert to help her revamp her image for the real world. Plus, with Dr. Who and Guardians of the Galaxy alum Karen Gillan starring, it’s got great potential. Selfie premieres Tuesday September 30th at 8pm.

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5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I heart Andy Samberg, to the point that I regularly quote the movie Hot Rod in my day to day life (have fun being married to Satan is always a good thing to say when you angrily exit a room, always applicable). So when he got his own show I was pretty stoked. I’m a little worried, though, because Fox decided to put the show on Sunday nights at 8:30 pm following the Simpsons. Most people my age don’t watch shows when they actually air, sure, but I fear that it won’t get the show high enough ratings for them to renew it. Who knows, maybe since it’s following the Simpsons it will get a new audience. Sunday nights are usually reserved for non-network shows typically so a red flag went up when I read it. We’ll see, either way I love it. This season’s premier is Sunday September 28 at 8:30 pm.


6. Gotham
I remember when I saw the first ad for this I got kinda giggly and excited, it looks so good. Gotham is the origin story of Commissioner Gordon’s rise to power in Gotham before Batman. This is probably one of the most anticipated shows of the fall, too, so much show that for the first time ever Netflix has bought the rights to stream it after the show premieres. Gotham is set to premiere on September 22 at 8pm


7. Modern Family
This one is family night show, but it always pulls through. After it’s last Emmy win, I’m excited to see if they can keep up the hype. Modern Family is set to return September 24 at 9pm.


What shows are you excited about? Is there something on your radar you think we’d like? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @awklifeblog!! :)

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