Remember a few weeks (or maybe a month, time is playing this weird game with me where it just keeps dissappearing) ago when I said I might have to resort to prostitution because I really wanted to go to Almost Acoustic Christmas because I had a serious lack of funds?

Well, while I am still lacking in funds, I am never lacking in obsessive energy, so while I was home in Huntington Beach last week, I listened to KROQ nonstop waiting for every moment they said the glorious words “Caller number ‘x’ now wins free tickets and backstage passes!”

I called. And I called. And I called. And for the most part, I happened to just hear lots of busy tone. But I got smarter and faster, I memorized their number, and eventually just put them on speed dial. Last night I was driving back to school and just as I am on the outskirts of LA I hear them say caller twenty now wins! So I called… and it started ringing. The fact that I didn’t get busy tone was enough to make me almost pee my pants from excitement. After I answered a series of questions the lovely woman on the phone says congratulations you are caller number twenty you have won tickets and backstage passes to night two of Almost Acoustic Christmas!

Cue: pants wetting. I was so excited I accidentally blurbed on how excited I was because I don’t often get a chance to call in while I’m at school in NorCal and the lady on the phone froze because you have to be a SoCal resident to win. No worries, though, I was far to lazy to ever change my driver’s license to my aunt’s address where I live while I’m at school, so according to my license I still live in Huntington Beach. And that’s mostly true I only have three weeks of school left (cue: panic attack) and I will be a permanent SoCal resident again. I’m even investing in a Disneyland pass, it’s official.

Anyways, here’s a song on my playlist of GETTING PUMPED AS ALL HELL for the concert this weekend! It’s Lorde “Tennis Court,” because the idea of me just maybe meeting my baby Lorde back stage is probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in my entire lonely life.

So what did we learn here? Never let anyone tell you to stop obsessing over what you love. And that I should stop drinking so much coffee in the car.

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