I’m back!

As I warned you, October was crazy for me. It really does feel like just yesterday that I was sitting at my radio show thinking, “there’s no way I’m going to make it through this month alive.” However here I am two days away from November and it seems I may actually make it (though, it’s up for debate, the Media Arts Club, which I am VP of, is throwing Rocky Horror Picture Show on Thursday and I expect that might get a little crazy).

There was a brief moment that I thought I wasn’t going to make it through, however. To tell that story we have to back up to a few weeks back. Picture me, sitting in front of a computer with Davinci Resolve attempting to process all of my footage, with Raw files coming out of every orifice possible. I had shot on a Black Magic Cinema Camera in the “film” mode in Raw 2.5k, which is very pretty but oh so time and space consuming. I had processed three out of five scenes and two of the scenes were on a separate drive and were just not wanting to do anything but take up mass amounts of space on my hard drives. The simplest way I can explain how this works was, on a normal scene, I dragged the folder of raw files (which show up as each frame of the clip until they are compressed into actual video clips) and when they went into my Davinci Media pool, they show up as video clips and then I compress them and it’s good to go. These leftover ones, however, first were just crashing Davinci every time I tried to open a folder. Immediately, I want to scream. However, when I approach stress like this I have to be productive or else I just start punching walls. So I decided to separate the two scenes out of the same folder and figure out exactly what clip was giving me a problem. After process of elimination, I figure out its all of scene four that’s being glitchy. So I processed that one scene that was working and moved on. I finally got scene four to go into the media pool, but not as video clips just as each. Individual. Frame.

Ensue internal panic attack number two. Since I don’t actually know how to run Davinci Resolve and I got nowhere fast within the already two days that have passed, I decided to mess around in After Effects because I know the basics of that at least. So I brought one short “clip” (I use quotes because as of now, they were still just a clusterfuck of frames) and I tried to compress it and up pops the box of doom: You have dropped 435 frames.

435 frames.

435 frames.

Four. Hundred. And thirty-five. Frames. How was that even possible?! The clip I brought in was probably less than a minute. That is a lot of frames dropped since I shot at 24 fps. So I look over to the person who I borrowed the camera from and told him the news and he immediately knew then what happened. The second SD Card he had was, unbeknownst to me, not fast enough for the format we shot it in and since we were using it during that scene while we dumped the footage from the other one, that scene was, in actuality, just a clusterfuck of frames.

Ensue panic attack three¬†major depression. I kept a positive outer shell since we were able to schedule a pick-up shoot, so it would be fixed. Fortunately I treated my crew and actors really well so I was able to wrangle up enough people for a last minute shoot. So I was trying to maintain the same positive outlook on things, because I was very thankful that it could be fixed and I believe in being a positive leader to my crew (if we can’t have fun while we’re doing this, then I don’t know why we would put ourselves through it all), but I really really just wanted to throw a temper tantrum. I wanted to stomp my feet and and yell and cry. I wanted to get on a plane and run away to France and work in a coffee shop and never return. I also wanted to not be sick anymore. But I couldn’t do any of that. So I tried the next best thing.

It was the first weekend I had off in a month, so I decided to go for a visit back to my hometown of Huntington Beach and take a weekend away from it all. And boy was it just what I needed. I got to see my puppy, which immediately brought life back into my body. I got to spend time with my family, which ever since I moved out here, I cherish more than anything. They really are who make me who I am. Also, we eat lots of sushi, so that doesn’t hurt my mood. And finally, I got to go out with some friends and drink lots of tequila and blow off some steam.

That was the smartest thing I could have done because now, I’m back at school, halfway through my final semester, and I’m plugging right along again. I’m ready for Friday’s pick up shoot and to get behind the camera and really perfect that scene. We have an assemble edit of the rest of the movie done, which reminded me that I really did have like 90% of a movie already so I should stop whining so much. So overall, what did I learn?

1. What can go wrong in movie making, will more than likely go wrong.

2. Keep calm and drink some tequila!

3. Treat others like you want to be treated. It’ll pay off in the future.

4. I love my dog so much.

And as a little gift for being M.I.A from the blog so much, here are a few graphics to go along with my learning lessons, as well as a promise that I will be back with more updates like this one and more updates in the entertainment world.

Keep Calm and Drink Tequila

Words to live by!


Here is a spooky picture of Kevin drinking a beer for Halloween!


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