How the Series Finale of How I Met Your Mother sent me into a near existential crisis

As we know, a couple nights ago, we saw the final page close in one of our favorite shows of all time. Nine seasons led up to this point, and a lot of us felt, well, disappointed. I was sent into a lot of internal turmoil and a lot of external sobbing and laying in the fetal position. I may or may not be a slightly dramatic person, so for whatever reason, the way it ended made me question everything that I thought I know. But really, I have to say I wasn’t shocked, nor am I super disappointed with what happened, the series really does come full circle the way they ended it and it fits in with the shows “mythology.” Plus, we were reading theories about “the mother” or Tracy’s death for a while now, and that one episode where she brings up their daughters wedding pretty much clearly pointed out that she wasn’t going to be around forever.  I was just disappointed in how they did it. I feel like I was a little bit cheated. Let me explain why.



My immediate reaction to the ending. After you know, crying and cream puffs.

For starters, I want to say I for a long time was team Ted and Robin. I remember saying being on Marshall’s side when he said they would end up together, for multiple reasons. Marshall is Ted’s best friend (sorry Barney), and who knows you better than your best friend? I bet you Emily could predict who I am going to end up with if she was handed the cards. Second off, I think Ted and Robin compliment each other well. My views on lasting relationships based off the ones that I was raised around is that you need someone to balance you out. My mom’s all heart and passion, my dad is all logic and calm, for example. Ted is very affectionate and patient and Robin is very cool, smart, and on the go. I think Ted would be able to keep her grounded in a good way. So you think I would have been over joyed at the way it ended?

Well, as I said mostly I felt the way it was presented. They spent an entire season only at Barney and Robin’s wedding. And then within about three minutes their entire wedding was off because Robin was busy living her dream as a news reporter traveling around the world. And call me selfish but it really pissed me off that Barney couldn’t handle that. But hey, you know sometimes as much as you love someone, you really aren’t meant to be with them. That’s a truly exhausting realization. So fine, like they said, it’s not a failed marriage, it’s a successful marriage that only lasted three years. But why do I feel like the gang resented her for never being around after that? She was off living her dreams! It’s sad not seeing your friend, but Robin worked so hard for this. I did appreciate Judge Fudge throwing out, “the birth of her ex-husbands love child seemed unlikely,” because dude made a point. When Marshall said that I found myself going THANK YOU!

Then to Tracy, the poor mother. They spent a really long time convincing me to love her, and I did. Then when she died her kids didn’t even say a single nice word about her. I know it had been six years since her death, I appreciate that they were able to move on and want good things for their father. Really what it is coming down to for me is a strong realization that the show went one season too long, or this should have been more than one episode. Because we spent all of last season on Barney and Robin’s wedding and getting to know and love Tracy before we lost her within seriously less than a minute before Ted is chasing after Robin with the blue french horn felt like a disservice to the strong female characters that they created. Robin is a strong, career driven woman who goes after the men she wants and stands for what she believes. Yet, she is seemingly waiting for Ted in the end. Was her career that unfulfilling? Same with Lily in Rome. This one is mostly for selfish reasons, I see a lot of myself in Lily. I want both a career as an artist and a family. Do I get both? Or will I be stuck picking? I would have liked to known at least that Rome worked out even if it was the only job as an artist she had. I know this is a show gathered around a couple of the bro-iest of bro’s and the dude-iest of dudes, whom I love, but they actually created three really strong and real female characters that I was super thankful for also. It was kind of a bummer to see them a little swept under the rug like that in the end (enough of a bummer to send me over the edge and make me write an extensive blog post about it, because I noticed my female HIMYMers to be feeling just as gipped as me).

Overwhelmingly, I still adore this show. I still want to thank Craig Thomas, Carter Bays, and Pam Fryman for the last nine years of my life being forever altered by the overwhelmingly good memories with the gang at MacLaren’s. Someone pointed out that long term, this ending will be satisfying. I think I agree with that. We do basically get to see what happened when each of them grew up. It came full circle. It fits the shows message that I love; life is never easy, but as long as you have the people you love around you for the big things, you’ll manage to make it through and have a good time along the way. It just has a little asterisk by it’s name now, which if Netflix knew what was good for it’s audience they would display the show like this:

How I Met Your Mother: A comedy where the main character, Ted, searches for the woman of his dreams in New York City with the help of his four best friends. **

** Though this is a comedy it will also tear your heart into a million pieces that will then be put through the garbage disposal which leads to the ocean where it will be eaten by many small fish that will be eaten by slightly larger fish which will be eaten by sharks.



What did YOU think about the finale? Am I being too nice? Too mean?  Too overly dramatic? Share in the comment section below! :)

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