How I went on a shopping spree for under thirty dollars!

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How did I get all this for under thirty dollars? How do I get to be so derp-alicious? Stay tuned…

For starters, I want to say that I have never really considered myself much of a fashionista, that’s why this is Julia’s forte on le blog. There will always be that geek in me that comes home, throws on my cat-galaxy leggings and slippers and wipes the makeup off my face. That being said, I have sort of formed my own very Alex-esque sense of style. I don’t think there’s any harm in wanting to look good for the day. It gives me that little confidence boost to get through the day. However, my shopping budget is low. Fortunately, I was trained by a total bargain hunting professional, my grandma.

Over the weekend, No Rest for Bridget had an outlet sale and Emily and I were up super early right after the time changed to tackle the sales. I would describe No Rest for Bridget as sort of high end fashion, but almost in my price range. My secret is going to these outlet sales and scouring the “lightly damaged” rack. Everything was priced way way down. Between my grandma and myself, most of the things on the rack were super fixable. So admittedly, if you’re not willing to get a little crafty, then ignore the damaged rack.

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I always love a wearing hats, and this one was a whole $1.99

 photo 4.2

The green gems were coming loose on this necklace, fortunately since my sister is a dancer, we are about pooping rhinestone glue at my house. Another find for $1.99

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The shoes were on sale for 4.99, and if you were on their mailing list, there was a coupon for buy one get one half off, and since Emily and I both got a pair of booties, we went in on them and paid a whopping $2.50

photo 2.2

There is a small hole (that’s pretty fixable fortunately) in the armpit of this sweater. So I got it for $4.99

photo 3.3

This wasn’t even on the damaged rack, but it was 4.99!

photo 2.3

This sweater was only 4.99

photo 1

This sweater has a hole in the neck that is covered by my hair. It was the biggest hole, but I think it’s fixable and it can be covered by my hair. It cost $1.99 because of the hole, making it an unbeatable deal.

photo 5.2

This one I just got at Brandy Melville because it was only 7 dollars and I had to.

Naturally, we celebrating saving money by spending money on some lemonade and a macaroon at Lemonade in Fashion Island and catching some sunshine.

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