How I Met Your Mother Appreciation Post

I don’t know if there is a show that all four of us have been affected by so much. I feel like all of us begun watching the show at a time where we really needed to go have a drink at MacLaren’s with the gang. Not only that, but it is of frequent conversation which character we are the most like. I’m definitely the group’s Lily, the protective, loving, big mouth who has maybe gotten herself into a little bit of trouble from time to time but it’s okay because she learned from it. Morgan is the Robin of the group, mostly because she is definitely the biggest badass of us all and the hottest. Julia is “the mother” because she would marry an architecture nerd and laugh at all his stupid jokes. I’m pretty sure Emily is Marshall because her love of Star Wars, her sweet nature and occasional naivety and the fact that her and I are basically married and know every detail of what goes into each other’s day to day life. Oh, and she totally buys into conspiracy theories.

All of us are dreading, in fact pretending that the series doesn’t end forever today (Emily and I have been calling it death to the world as we know it). So we decided to sit and reminisce by picking our favorite episodes.

Morgan’s favorite episode is episode eight in season three, “Spoiler Alert.”

This is the episode where Ted is dating Cathy and things seem to be going great for ‘ol Teddy West Side, but the group dissagrees. At first they don’t tell him why because they don’t want to spoil the relationship for him, but eventually Marshall let’s it slip that they think she talks too much and the illusion is shattered. Eventually, each of the gang’s fatal flaw’s are pointed out but they learn to live with each other’s flaws (except Chatty Cathy, she dates a mute guy).

Why it’s Morgan’s favorite:

The scene where they point out Lily’s flaw: that she chews really loudly. The sound editing is perfect because that’s totally how it feels when someone chews loudly. It just drowns out every other sound.

Marshall: Eventually, you get used to these annoying little things that bug you at first.
Ted: Yeah, I guess. I mean, you got used to Lily’s loud chewing, right?
Marshall: Lily doesn’t chew loudly.
Ted: Dude. Come on. This isn’t news. Why do you think I call her “Chewbacca”?
Marshall: I assumed because she’s loyal, wears shiny belts and I resemble a young Harrison Ford

Julia’s Favorite Episode is episode seven season two, “Swarley”


In this episode, the gang tries to hang out at a coffee shop instead of a bar (and make a sick Friends reference). Marshall and Lily are still broken up and Marshall starts flirting with a girl at the coffee shop. Ted and Barney tell him that she likes him because she laughs at his goofy pumpkin spice latte joke every time (How do they fit a whole pumpkin in this small cup?! Marshall, you are simply adorable). And sure enough when she calls out his drink, he sees that her phone number is on it.


Marshall decides to call the girl from the coffee shop, Chloe, and take her on a date. The guys, however, warn her that she has crazy eyes and shares their stories of problems with girls with crazy eyes. Marshall shrugs it off, but slowly she starts saying things that concern him. First she calls and says that there is a man with a hunchback is following her. Then when they are at the apartment together, a picture of him and Lily magically breaks. Just as he is trying to figure out if she really does have “crazy eyes,” Lily pops out. She says it’s been her this whole time and after Marshall tells her she has “the craziest eyes he’s ever seen” they finally get back together after seven episodes apart (though it seems like much longer).

Why it’s Julia’s favorite:

All of the Swarley shenanigans. When Chloe gives Barney his cup it says “Swarley” instead of Barney and the gang calls him Swarley the whole episode. They even get everyone at the bar in on it…


Emily’s favorite episode is episode twenty in season two, “Showdown.”

This is the episode where Barney thinks Bob Barker is his father and goes on an episode of the price is right.This is one of the episodes that is leading up to the wedding, and everyone suggests that Lily and Marshall should spend some time apart. During this time, Lily finds out that she has lost a lot of weight and no longer fits into her wedding dress. Robin has to coach her into eating more so she can put the weight back on for the dress, but has no luck. In the end we find out that Marshall was sneaking to where Lily was staying and they ordered a ton of room service and Lily put the weight back on to fit into her dress.

Why it’s Emily’s favorite:

When Barney found out he was going on the price is right, he starts practicing fervently. He even starts practicing his high five runs and well… take a look. It brings us to hysterical laughter every time.

Barney practicing for the price is right from c m on Vimeo.

My favorite episode is episode 22 season six, “The Perfect Cocktail.”

This is the episode where Marshall and Barney are in a fight because Marshall takes a job defending Zoey’s group who is trying to defend the Arcadian building from being knocked down and turned into a G&B National Bank. Barney is mad because he got Marshall a job at G&B on his name and he quit and ends up fighting against G&B in a court case. This fight causes the gang to be temporarily kicked out of the bar, and they lose their favorite booth. To restore order, Robin and Lily work together to try and find the perfect drink to get Marshall and Barney drunk on so they make up and can get their booth back.

Why it’s my favorite episode:

I could write so much on why this one is my favorite. I really do think this is the ideal HIMYM episodes, there are shenanigans, there is major Lily and Robin bonding time, there are even heartfelt moments that the show is famous for. If you are trying to get someone into this series, show them this episode. If not because of the reasons I listed above, then because of the way Marshall and Barney react to different drinks.

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Other honorable moments from the show:

Robin Sparkles



Nothing Suits Me like a Suit




Freeze frame high five!



“The Robin”

When Marshall brings a marching band to pick Lily up at the airport (and the fact that he looks adorable with his cabbie hat):




“Bang bang bangity bang…”


At risk of making this post a million years long, I will wrap it up with this. A How I Met Your Mother drinking game. Binge watch your favorites with us to get ready for tonight, and there is no way we can do it sober.


1. Drink if Ted wears his red cowboy boots.

2. When they high five, high five everyone in the room and take a drink. If Barney is left hanging, everyone finishes their drink.

3. Drink every time Ted brings home a new girl.

4. Drink for every time the play book is brought up. Extra drink if the play works.

5. Take a drink whenever they sit at the booth in MacLaren’s

6. Drink for every “sandwich” eaten.

7. Drink every time Barney references his blog.

8. Finish your drink every time the “Ted and Robin” ship is brought up.

9. Drink whenever Marshall mentions a conspiracy theory.


Share your favorite HIMYM moments with us and be sure to be crying along tonight at 8pm for the hour long How I Met Your Mother Series finale!





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