How “How I Met Your Mother” is Slowly Ruining My Life

If you’ve kept up with my end of the blog, you know that I just graduated and am now slowly trying to figure out the world of adulthood. It’s no easy transition, especially for those of us with fancy art degrees. After spending about a month crying over my Bachelors, I did finally get into contact with some temp agencies, though. But that’s besides the point, what I’m really trying to say here is my days are spent doing various chores for my mom, working on some writing, getting back into the gym, and watching endless hours of television. And I’m definitely living vicariously though it. So each Monday night, I usually look forward to sitting down with the crew at MacLaren’s. However, since that show is coming to an end, they decided to instead viciously tug at my heartstrings.

Two weeks ago (spoilers: if you’re like all of my friends and are forever behind on this show you should stop reading here!) Marshall finally reaches Lilly after she found out that he took the judgeship in New York, even though they were supposed to spend a year in Rome while Lilly was going to finally fulfill long postponed art dreams alongside the Captain as his worthy first mate/art buyer. I see a lot of myself in Lilly, so seeing the struggling artist who never got to fulfill her dreams hits my heart right where it hurts (especially while I’m already crying over that art degree we talked about). And as amazing of a husband as Marshall is, it’s his turn to support her. The name of this weeks episode was “Unpause,” after their method of being able to “Pause” and “Unpause” big fights, but unlike the episode we are left PAUSED right in the middle of this fight, and it’s giving me anxiety.

Now, we’re up to last weeks episode, “How Your Mother Met Me,” which A. made the whole “spinoff” idea they had just really unnecessary and B. made me fall in love with the Mother for the first time, ever. The little snippets of her really haven’t done her justice yet, the whole series is basically leading up to this ONE character and her marriage with Ted and they spent a whole whopping minute and a half on the proposal and virtually no time developing her character. They really tried to make her seem amazing, but they in turn didn’t give her much character, making her seem super fake and flat to me. Until this episode. She really is Ted’s ideal girl. She’s smart, spastic, a little self centered, and hopelessly romantic. At the end of this episode she sits down with her Ukelele and sings my ALL TIME favorite song ever; La Vie en Rose. This is where I have a very short moment of honesty with you guys. Way deep down, under layers of cynicism, fart jokes, and a potty mouth, I am a hopeless romantic. So when that song starts it was cuing the water works for me. I don’t know how much more I can handle it, but all I know is tonight, I hope we get to finally unpause Marshall and Lilly’s fight so I can stop having so much heartburn.

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Watch the video of Christina Milotta singing La Vie en Rose here!

Watch How I Met Your Mother Monday nights on CBS at 8pm (and cry with me so I feel less lame and emotional).

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