Here’s to Life

Hello All!!!

Since this is my first post ever, and I really have no idea where to start, I figured I would write about something very close to all of our hearts at the moment. That topic is none other than growing up. Not only growing up but being in our early twenties.

Over the past few months it has become more and more apparent to me that no one prepares you at all for your early twenties. Throughout my life I can remember parents, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers and countless other adults preparing me for the ever so pleasant puberty or teenage years. I can remember them prepping me on what to expect when moving away to college and living in a dorm, or even what it would be like once I picked a major and stuck to it. After that it seems like those life lessons come to a screeching halt that none of us could have ever expected. I honestly can’t blame the people I have looked up to throughout life for not teaching me further. How could anyone really explain this age in words? And honestly I would not be surprised if everyone over the age of 30 has blocked out everything but the fun times during their fabulous twenties.

Just in the past 6 months I alone have experienced so many crazy life events. From health scares to a parent moving across the country, from getting a “real job” to losing relationships I had cherished, and everything in between. As a group we have lost friends we truly cared for, accomplished an amazing life goal (GO MORGAN!), received a few Bachelor’s degrees, gotten a little drunk on a few occasions, learned that parents really don’t understand us anymore, and decided to get our asses to the gym to get in shape.

We all have recently realized some ugly truths about the relationships we have in life. I cannot remember another time in my entire life that I have fought as viciously or loved as deeply than recently. The relationships that we may have thought would last forever, didn’t even come close. We have had to learn how to stick up for ourselves in the worst of situations and be able to accept the fact that someone may not ever see our side of the story. We also have learned that trust is huge, and without it there really isn’t a friendship at all. Everyone has had their fair share of broken trust throughout life, but at this time it becomes insanely apparent that there really is not time for dishonesty.

I am scared. Truth telling right there. I could not tell you what my life is going to become in the next ten years, hell in the next ten days. I know what my dreams are and I know what I want, but getting there is a giant blurry mess. If I had to give advice to someone in their late teens entering college and not knowing what exactly their future holds, I would say “Do everything for you and only you.” Do not try to please everyone. Do not let your thoughts go unheard. I wish I would have learned this lesson earlier because it truly is the key. Being yourself, working hard, having fun, and realizing that there is always another day, can get you through these tough years, or at least I am hoping it will.

I must say that no matter how hard it is at this stage to find the right path or my next step in life, I have realized how lucky I am. Throughout all of the anger and hurt recently, some amazing things have come. I have realized that the people that truly love you will literally always love you, no matter what. I have three people in my life that I love truly. No matter what I trust in our friendship and our awkwardness. Without their ridiculously amazing text messages throughout my days, I honestly don’t know where I would be. I am lucky to have this.

Here is to growing up, realizing who we are, and of course the best 3 Valentines a girl could ever ask for.


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