Heartbreak Syndrome Stills!

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Hello guys!
Just stopping by to show off a few production stills from shooting two weekends ago. We’re in the process of processing the footage and organizing the media, and I have to say so far, I am so happy with how it looks. I can’t wait to see what my amazing editing team is going to do with it.

The production was an amazingly positive learning experience for me. I learned something that I think is not only important as my future as a filmmaker, but just as general knowledge. I learned that I tend to use phrases that ambiguate what I’m trying to say, as to not hurt peoples feelings, ie “That dress doesn’t look very good on you… or whatever, I guess.” And now that might be okay if I’m trying to make friends, but if I am trying to get a scene to look the way I want it, that 100% doesn’t work. It really doesn’t work great either if you want to be a good friend, sometimes you just have to be straight up. Once I started being more clear with everyone, most of my crew actually seemed pretty thankful for it.

Speaking of my crew, I have to say thank you again to these wonderful people! They worked so hard and had such a great, positive attitude the whole time and it made it a ton of fun for both me and my actors. Even though we had the occasional speed bump (ie fighting the damn sun from going down, that asshole, didn’t he know we were making a movie?), their attitudes and work ethic made it all work out in the end. Because of that, I think it was a successful shoot more than anything, even if we end up making something really stupid. 


Here are the beautiful people themselves after we wrapped at Loulou’s Griddle in the Middle in Monterey! This was shortly after I tackled my producer almost to the ground.


For more pictures and updates on the films progress, click on any one of the lovely pictures above :)


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