Happy National Tequila Day!

The other day, my mom was trying to have a nice, nostalgic moment with me and my sister, telling us about how she and her mom used to make diet coke floats during the summer. She asked my sister and I if we had ever tried one and my sister quickly replied that she hates diet coke and, well, I only drink coke when there are a few shots of Jack involved. So it’s no secret I enjoy a drink or seven. So today is my kind of holiday. Here are a few ways to celebrate National Tequila Day!

1. Traditional Margarita

You’ll need: Margarita mix and tequila of your choice. If you’re feeling fancy, add a little grand marnier to the mix and salt around the rim for good measure. Can be served blended or on the rocks!

2. Tequila Sunrise- Alex Style

I’ve been known to turn a lot of people onto tequila sunrises, and like the name suggests, they are wonderful to wake up to on a beautiful beach in a hammock while the tropical sun rises and warms you up for the day. Or so I would imagine, I have yet to test my theory. Who wants to take me to a tropical beach with a hammock? It’s for science.

When I make tequila sunrises at home, I alter the recipe a bit. To make a tequila sunrise Alex style, you’ll need tequila, orange juice, and a little bit of pomegranate juice (instead of the more traditional grenadine). Sip, dream of tropical beaches, and enjoy.

3. Skinny Girl Margarita

It’s not a secret that alcohol isn’t exactly great for a diet, and I’m not exactly looking to develop a beer gut. In come Bethenny Frankel and her line of Skinny Girl Products. I’m not normally a fan of foods with “Skinny” in the diet, because mostly that means “chemicals” and “so-so flavor.” But the margaritas are actually pretty tasty. They have everything from a simple margarita to my favorite, white peach margarita. My only precaution is these bottles are an optical illusion, you get a lot less out of them than you’d think, but if you are trying to watch your weight maybe only a few margaritas will do anyways.

4. Shots!

This is probably my favorite way to enjoy tequila. All you really need is a little lime and salt and friends to share with!


Happy sipping, friends! How are you going to celebrate the day? Tweet us pictures to @awklifeblog! (only if you are of drinking age please!)


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