Happy 20th Birthday, Friends!

For starters, it seems crazy to me that it’s even possible that this show premiered 20 years ago because I still am in utter disbelief that I’m quickly coming up on 24, and still actively pretending that I’m about 16, on a good day. Anyways, mini daily existential crisis out of the way, let’s move on.

As much as it shocks me to say so, 20 years ago today Friends premiered! I feel like it’s a good anniversary to celebrate because they show started about some twenty-something friends at a coffee shop. I have to say, 20 years later, this show still holds up as one of the funniest sitcoms out there. Emily thankfully owns the entire DVD set, so we frequent our lazy days around binging the show. It came to my attention that some people may not have watched Friends! A shocking discovery! After I thought, hmmm, maybe I’ll do another post with all our favorite moments like I did with HIMYM and asked the group and was informed that Morgan hasn’t ever seen any of it :0 That’s versus Emily who immediately answered season 4 episode 12 (The One with the Embryos), so I have learned two things for sure. First, that some people haven’t watched Friends. Second, that there are two type of people. The type like Morgan, who have a life, and the type like Emily and I who have an inexplicable knowledge of television shows. Either type of person will enjoy this video, though. The people with a life might be persuaded to watch the show (just in case you missed out, because unlike me you have a life, re-runs show on Nick at Nite and sometimes TBS). Or if you are someone like Emily, you will have a wonderful nostalgic moment… or 236 moments! I give you, 236 Seconds of Friends!

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