Girl Meets World is Renewed for Season 2!

Sometimes there are reboots that make you roll your eyes and leave you questioning what else they could possibly do with a series that has been beaten to death. Then there’s series like Girl Meets World. When Disney announced that it was going to be rebooting it’s nineties classic hit Boy Meets World, 90’s kids, who seemingly can’t stop daydreaming of those days, rejoiced everywhere. Especially when we learned that the show was about Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley, and that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel would be back.

I’ve been admittedly watching the reboot, after I got to visit the set during production this past January, I immediately was filled with nostalgia and excitement. So I checked out the show, and it’s off to a promising start. I don’t yet have a kid of my own, but for those of you who grew up with the show and do, this would be a fun show to watch with your kid for sure. Even if you don’t, I won’t judge, the show already made me cry once (I’m a daddy’s girl, and guess what, the series is heavy on daughter father moments, so do the math). The show centers around Cory and Topanga’s tween daughter, Riley, and her trouble making best friend Maya as they start the seventh grade. Though so far, it’s a little less funny than the first season, maybe it’s my age, but I think the show is still settling into it’s exact voice, it’s still really great. In the first five episodes, they have already learned important life lessons about family, friendship, truth, and provides a perhaps absent moral compass in the media for kid’s of the 2000’s. Or at least, a moral compass that kids can relate to. In an age of really gimmicky kids shows where every kid is seemingly magical, can sing, or is internet famous, it’s sort of refreshing to see a show about kids, you know, just being kids and trying to figure real life out. For me, that’s been the best part.

The show is set to start production for season two this November (hoping I can get back to the set- who knows, maybe this time to work!). Season one continues to air Friday nights at 8:30 PM. Are you tuning in? What do you think about the show? Tweet us @awklifeblog or comment below!

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