Get to Know Our Awkward History



No one ever believes the three of us when we tell them that, not only are we complete nerds but we are the most awkward people on the planet.  Don’t judge a book by its cover, we know how to look and act normal when necessary but I think these pictures really capture our true personalities.

The three of us were cheerleaders in high school-don’t judge, I can tell you are already judging-but we were in no way anyone’s definition of cool.  We were on a super competitive team so we spent everyday after school practicing and our weekends at competitions or fundraisers and we tended to only socialized with our small group of friends.  I like to think we’ve grown a lot as people since high school, but do people ever really change?  The three of us have all gone to different colleges, lived in different cities and states and when we aren’t together we don’t tend to talk all that often but like true friends that doesn’t seem to matter.  when we do talk on the phone or sky we talk for like 10 minutes and spend  3 more hours just send each other links to things we find funny, only commenting occasionally- strange I know.  When we are together though, things tend to go from weird to weirder and we probably shouldn’t be allowed in public together most of the time since we are so ridiculous.  We are all easily entertained so we never have a problem finding the fun in any situation and half the time we’d rather be reading or watching than going out into the world.  We are all extremely driven and hardworking in our own way but when we are together its nice to just let out all stress.


I’m not sure what is happening in this photo but its not unusual for me to facing the wrong direction for whatever reason and Morgan and Alex to be laughing and my weirdness.


We’re cool right?  This is us trying to look serious and model-y which clearly didn’t work.

Please share your awkward moments and photos cause we’d like to know how awkward you are too!


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