Friends and Life Lessons

I may be the cheesy one of the group and I guess I will just have to accept that title. My writing can be cheesy and sappy, but honestly I find inspiration and the best topics to write on in my cheesiest of moments. On that note, ensue rant.

We are all in our early twenties. As we have already made clear, this time in life is ever so difficult. No one takes you seriously, including your friends and family. No matter what we do or what we say, it may be ten years before that changes, hell maybe even more. What I have realized is that we may know and be more mature than we realize. We have lived for twenty some odd years, and we have seen a thing or two. We have also experienced a thing or two and we may have even learned something along the way. What i want to focus on right now is relationships. Most importantly the relationships we have with our friends.imgres


Very recently my close friend and role model said to me “it is very easy to see that when you fall you fall hard.” She said this to me in regards to romantic feelings. Her and I both know that she didn’t just make this statement in reference to those relationships. She has been my sounding board and shoulder to cry on for the past three and a half years. An unbiased yet very opinionated ear when it came to any relationship drama I was having in my life. As of recently the advice I have looked for from her has been about my relationships with my best friends. Although she may not realize it, her words stick with me all of the time, and the words about falling hard have truly hit home.

None of us are strangers to losing people. Whether it be from death, separation, or heartbreak, we have all lost a few people in our lives throughout the years. I myself have dealt with all of these things. Recently, I have lost more people than i ever thought i would to heartbreak. My best friends are truly my life. I fall for them harder than I ever will for any man. I will go farther, run faster, jump higher, and do anything humanly possible for my friends. I fall hard. This is probably not something many people realize about me, and I wish they would. I love my friends and no matter what happens or who says or does what, that will never ever change.

I don’t think many girls realize the importance of love when it comes to their best friends. There should never be any question as to whether or not you will be there for them. No matter what we do to each other or how bad we are hurt, this is the one group of people we must always forgive. Where would we be without our friends? Really think about it. Where would we be? We would not have had the millions of fun nights at parties or dinners. We wouldn’t have any of the funniest memories of our lives. We wouldn’t have the support system that comes with a friendship so special, that it can’t be brought down.

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t may be the absolute cheesiesthing in the world, but this past weekend as I stood with three of my dearest friends at Disneyland to watch the show “World of Color,” it almost felt unreal. The show that is put on with water and a blaze of beautiful colors, flashes through all of the greatest Disney classics along with some of the greatest music in the world. It almost brought me to tears for many different reasons. The main reason was that watching all of those great friendships flash before me, made me miss some of the greatest ones I have had in my life. It made me question what could have ever brought them to a bad place and more importantly, how I could have let that happen. There is always room for forgiveness. There is always room for a second or third or fourth chance. These relationships are too hard to lose, too hard to forge, and impossible to forget. I have learned, in some cases a little too late, to hold on tight to the people in your life. The people we love need to be held onto, no matter what. No matter what.

Cherish the relationships with your friends. Whilst in our twenties, before we are married or have kids, we must hold on tight to the relationships we have with our friends and make memories sure to last a lifetime. Remember to forgive. Forgive when someone wrongs you. In the end I guarantee that holding onto the grudge will not benefit you in any way, and you could be losing a friend that you truly love. Lastly, always fall hard. It may be looked at as a bad quality or a weak one, but is it really? When we put our whole heart into something, we live it to the fullest. In the end no bad can come from living your life to the fullest.

So don’t hold back, and always love your friends. At the end of the day the ones that love you with their whole heart will be the ones you can run to when the world comes crashing down. They will be the ones you can hold onto as you fall to the ground, and if you are lucky, they will pull you back up again.

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