Random Awkwardness

Quick Updates!

Hey readers! It’s that time of year again when we all are seemingly so busy, that the posts are coming less frequently. I promise it won’t last long, especially on my front because I have lots of new shows to talk about. In the meantime, I thought I would sort of update you guys on […]

Your Daily Dose of the Why Did You Post That?

In my morning internet briefing, I found this screenshot of a lovely bridezilla’s Facebook post. She was preparing to send out her wedding invites and decided to tell however many hundred Facebook friends she has why many of them didn’t receive invites in the mail. Here you have it. Can I start by saying who […]



Things You Can Do To Avoid The Gross Wind and Other Sucky Weather

Since SoCal was one of the few places in the country blessed to not be frozen under a zillion feet of snow and ice throughout both winter and spring, I think mother nature has decided to seek her revenge and give us Santa Ana-like winds and ninety degree heat in the spring along with fires […]


Kate Upton Doesn’t Like Her Boobs. So What?

Seriously I want to take a moment to stand up for her and other people, like myself, who have naturally large boobies right now. This past weekend, Kate Upton told the sun that she, “wished for smaller boobs every day,” and all of a sudden guys are laughing at her and girls are screaming at […]