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My End of Summer Reading List

  I have two settings with reading: reads one book a month or reads six books at once. Either way, I’m always excited about books. I always thought it would be neat to have a 24 hour bookstore/coffee shop where you could go hang out, get a hot cocoa or coffee, and pick up a […]

Happy Birthday to the Master of Suspense

Today in 1899 legendary director of horror and suspense films Alfred Hitchcock was born! Alfred Hitchcock directed movies like Psycho, North by Northwest, The Birds, and my favorite, Vertigo. Hitchcock still to this day has one of the most distinct directorial styles. He did unique and innovative things like using the camera to mimic someones […]

Alfred Hitchcock


Fight Frizzy Follicles Fast!

Maybe you’re like me, and you use your hair as a canvas for art, constantly dying it whatever color feels right at the moment (AKA your hair is a tad bit, well, over processed). Maybe your hair just frizzes naturally. Whatever the reason may be, no one particularly loves looking like a french poodle, but […]

Happy Birthday to the Two Best Emmas in the world! 1

Oddly enough two of my favorite British females share the same name and the same birthday. Today is Emma Thompson’s 55th birthday and Emma Watson’s 24th Birthday. Weird, right? Either way, let’s take a second to appreciate the two ladies awesomeness on their day of birth!   Way cool things about Emma Thompson: Not only […]



Prepare to be Endlessly Entertained

If you’ve done collaborative work or group projects at school you’ve probably already discovered Google Docs. Well, as Google does, they gave us another thing to distract us from out work. It’s a google doc demo where you can collaborate with your favorite literary giants, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Dickinson, Dickens and Poe (kindly all hyperlinked for all of […]