When I started getting complaints from people about my slow nature at posting the “Seven Days of Schmidt,” I came to a really cool realization: there are a handful of you reading this. However, we are approaching the month of October, which for me, is going to be record time busy. So unfortunately, even though all kinds of exciting things in the entertainment world are happening, I won’t be posting most weeks. Yes, I’m aware How I Met Your Mother is back for it’s last season and New Girl is as good as ever and I failed to even mention the Emmy’s last weekend, unfortunately I’m jam packed right now. To make up for it, I decided to do a quick post dedicated to all the things I’m very lucky to be a part of this month! Some of them are really exciting.

First off, and probably most importantly to me, next weekend I shoot my film Heartbreak Syndrome. I’m really excited to get behind the camera again and this is definitely the first time I get to direct something at a semi-professional level versus just a cute little class project. My producer and I have been hard at work since last February preparing and it’s actually all coming together really well, which makes me nervous. If you have ever worked on a movie before, you know that Murphy’s Law applies; what can go wrong will. As well as that, somehow I really convinced everyone at my school that I really know what I’m doing so they’ve all expressed pretty high expectations of me, which is really flattering but I like to set the bar low so that way you can only be impressed with what I’ve done. So hopefully things turn out, I did work really hard to get good actors and an amazing crew so I do have faith that we’ll make it through. So I would definitely stay on the films Facebook page because there will be ALL kinds of wonderful pictures posted in the next week, as well as the link to our website that should be up sometime in November/December to get us ready to go into the world of distribution! Festivals here we come! I will try and post an update the Monday following the shoot. As long as I’ve recovered. It might be

Next up, there are some really amazing film festivals happening in the Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur that I’m fortunate enough to get to take a part in somehow. Next week, the Days and Nights Festival is happening, which is a film and music festival that will feature so many fantastical things. All that anyone in our departmant can seem to talk about this week is composer Philip Glass being here. As well as that, there are some really awesome films screening. CSUMB’s very own Luis Camara and Soyeon Kim have films screening next Friday, and Saturday there is something called Sense of Place: Young Filmmakers featuring films made by, you guessed it, young people all over the world :p I get to attend a free screening of the film Powaqqatsi (don’t ask me to pronounce that one) and attend a q&a with the director afterwards. It’s really exciting.

Then the following week, the Carmel Art and Film Festival is going on. I will be volunteering at this one which I’m super excited about. As well as that, a student film I was Assistant Director on is being featured as one of the shorts! So I highly suggest you check out all of this also! The Carmel Art and Film Festival traditionally is a huge deal for the area, I’ve known people who met all kinds of celebs at it (but never Clint Eastwood, because for whatever reason he rejects our school’s existence. He literally sent us rocks as a gift). And for volunteering, I get two free day-passes and access to after parties. So I know I am getting business cards made and rubbing some elbows for sure since graduation is three months away for me.

As well as all of that, I am a full time student. The Media Arts Club (which I’m the VP of) is planning Rocky Horror and throwing the kick off party this month. We’re off to a really great start this semester. I’m currently serving on the capstone jury for next semester’s capstone students (which means I get to read 25 scripts, better make sure they’re ready guys). This weekend I’m assisting in the final weekend of another capstone shoot! The movie is called About:blank, and its about a writer who sacrifices reality for a better story. If you are a writer I suggest following this film also. It’s going to be a fun one. And right now I’m currently streaming live from the bomb shelter on Ottermedia! That’s right guys, DJ Meowlexandra bringing you “That’s So Mainstream” every Thursday from 4-6 where I take my favorite “mainstream” artists and feature all of their less known songs. It’s a lot of fun.

So there you have it, hopefully I didn’t bore you too much with my schedule, I promise I will have more fun things happening in the future if I can get through all of this alive :p



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