Another Year, another Comic Con I Missed

In case you avoided the internet entirely the entire weekend, Comic Con just closed up shop for another year last night. Alas, it was another year that I watched the wonderful festivities from afar on the internet. It wasn’t from lack of trying, either. I tried to get my name on as many lists as possible, including working at the damn thing. If you’re asking me, “Alex, is it really worth paying all this money for the tickets, then getting to San Diego, and obviously cosplaying or the weekend to see a bunch of stuff that will almost immediately hit the internet for free after it’s shown?” then you are killing my Comic Con buzz and I’m going to have to ask you to please chill because it’s Monday and I just can’t.

Fortunately, nerds are pretty great with technology so I got to see a lot of the good stuff via twitter and tumblr this weekend. I compiled somewhat of a greatest hits, Comic Con edition to get you through this Monday.

1. Daniel Radcliffe’s Cosplay….

Picture 3

2. The Game of Thrones Bloopers video

3. Plus, they announced the new cast members for next season!!

4. This great group of girls with a great cause.

The Geeks for CONsent are some of my new favorite Superheros, petitioning against harassment at the con, as well as passing out temporary tattoos saying “Cosplay does not equal consent.” Right on ladies.

5. The last True Blood panel ever :(

Picture 1

I’m still in denial that this show is even ending, I’ve watched it six years straight, pretty much the longest I’ve ever watched something live as it happens. Last nights panel was a fresh reminder that it’s almost over. #TrueToTheEnd (PS Anna Paquin’s hair is the shit!)

6. The Cast of Avengers always make me smile.

Okay, so we can’t see the footage that they released of Age of Ultron yet, major sadface. But you can read all about it here. However, clips of the cast, especially RDJ who just embodies Tony Stark at all times, make me smile. Josh Brolin, AKA Thanos, crashing the panel, demanding a rose from RDJ, then eating the rose lifted my spirits also.

7. The Trailer for Kevin Smith’s new movie

This is probably just the film nerd in me, since Kevin Smith is like the living embodiment of the independent filmmakers dream, but I definitely got a little rush from watching the trailer for Tusk.

8. We got to see a peak of Wonder Woman!

Picture 2

Plus, on Saturday Wonder Woman clocked in at just over 65,000 mentions online. The most of that day. Tell me again if you guys at DC don’t know if there is an audience for Wonder Woman.

9. This Selfie

Picture 4

As if I needed another reason to love Chris Hardwick (aside from the fact that he’s basically the king of geekdom, he always makes me giggle on @midnight, and that he always looks adorably kind of baked), the “Grovie” put warmth into my, and I’m sure America’s hearts.

10. And Finally, the Supernatural fandom proving they belong to the best fandom of all.

photo 5photo 4photo 3 photo 1   photo 2

I’m not even a part of the Supernatural fandom, but this is the best. When Misha Collins found out fans had been waiting in line overnight, he brought the fans coffee. WHAT. PS… that apron though.


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