About the Authors

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058Julia Staudinger: Fashionista/World traveler/Architecture nerd/Car enthusiast/Secret Spy…. Wait forget about that last one or we have to kill you. Julia takes her daily inspiration from Barbie and does it all! Julia is a recent college graduate from Connecticut College with a degree in Architectural History with a minor in awkwardness and we are pretty sure Julia was meant to be the “Mother” in HIMYM. If you need a bedtime story, call Julia and, well, you will be entertained but quite possibly by the sheer randomness of the story. Julia recently moved to New York for grad school and spends her days on Pinterest, reading, and eating lots of sweets.


Morgan Reneau: AKA Nurse Momo, Mommy Morgan, Morgie-poo, Morgalicious… the list goes on. 541577_10200744374117689_25764435_nMorgan recently acquired her RN license and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Nursing at Cal State Fullerton. Morgan is the fitness and health buff of the group and has the best death stare to go with her kick ass muscles. Morgan currently resides in Huntington Beach, where she can be found sending hilarious snapchats to her best friend Alexandra, studying her various nursing books, dancing at her favorite country clubs, and being super sassy. On days that she isn’t eating wonderful, healthy food, you might be lucky and find her baking delicious cheesecakes and trying new beers with her boyfriend.



Alexandra Davis: Bad Ass Blogger/Film Enthusiast, and if you catc1888562_10202338412835566_538174143_nh that reference you can probably become her best friend within minutes. Alexandra “Meowlexandra” Davis hopes to (eventually) write her own sitcom and run a small independent production company that focuses on films with quality stories. Until she gets there, she has this blog. Alexandra recently graduated from Cal State Monterey Bay with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts and Technology and a minor in derping. On a day to day basis, you can find her sending silly Snapchats of her dog, Kevin, catching up on her extensive TV schedule, or causing trouble with her wench, Emily. Follow Alexandra on Instagram @meowlexandragrace for more shenanigans!



Emily Wagner: Democrat, Space traveler, Obama 1460205_10202646303742962_1289932562_ngroupie, Star Wars nerd, and loud mouth extraordinaire. Emily recently graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a bachelors in Political Science with a minor in making situations extra awkward.  She is currently working in publishing. When Emily isn’t at work, she can be found dancing at The Ranch, cuddling with her dog Sadie, and adventuring her second home with Alexandra (Disneyland).  Emily has the nine to five job lifestyle and lives for crazy Friday nights and lazy Saturday mornings. Emily dreams of working in politics in her favorite city, Chicago, while she sails boats with her family and visit Oprah on the weekends.