A Saturday in San Francisco Meeting Actors!

This past Saturday I held auditions for my senior thesis film, Heartbreak Syndrome. It was a terrifyingly exciting experience because for the first time, I heard the actors who are going to be in the movie read lines from the script. It really made the movie go from a concept to something actually getting made and I could really visualize what the end product might look like.

Going into the day, however, I was unbelievably nervous. The last time I held auditions, it was for a short movie I made called “Zombie Prom” (which I considered linking here, but I was chickened out and if you care enough to watch it, you can YouTube it yourself, good luck ya goons) and it was me and a bunch of friends in my parents garage. Now this time, I put up a casting call with SF Casting, rented out a room at Fort Mason Center, and set up an entire day of auditions with professional actors. I’d gone over a lot of their resumes on SF Casting, and they all had all different kinds of experience with plays and movies and for whatever reason they wanted to audition for my student film? I knew I needed to keep this professional because I wanted them to take me and my movie seriously like I do. 

Off we went, after a quick stop at Starbucks to welcome back the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE (re: Reasons I’m WAY Stoked for Fall) and another stop in Santa Cruz to pick up my moral support, Lindsey, who came fully prepared with highlighters, stickers, and all the support my nervous soul could use. We made sure to get there a half hour early, some of the best professional advice I could pass on is if you have a job interview or important meeting in an area you’re not familiar with always show up at least a half hour early. At worst, that means you have time to mosey around and find a coffee shop while you wait. At best, if you’re like me and are directionally challenged, that leaves you time to drive in a few circles before you find your destination.

Once we found our room in building C at Fort Mason, we set up and the auditions were off! Well, they were off about ten minutes late because I unknowingly set up auditions on Labor Day weekend which also happened to be the same weekend the Bay Bridge was closed. However, everything moved fairly smoothly all things considered. Each audition kept getting better and better, and through a few tough decisions I think we know who we’re going to cast, be it that they accept the part. I’m really excited to have taken this huge step forward. Be sure stay tuned to our Facebook to find out who we casted and all other updates on the film’s progress.

In conclusion, what I took away from Saturday is that it is indeed true…. every day started with a pumpkin spice latte is a good day.



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