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Defined Lines

What with Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s drawing so much attention, there’s been a few of us who are wondering… why isn’t Robin Thicke getting any slack? He gave just as much in that performance and was singing a song with some creepy (to say the least) lyric choices. Miley’s outfit looked a lot like what the girls in Thicke’s music video were wearing (in the dressed version), so it’s not like we haven’t seen that before. Yes, Miley is a big girl who made her own decisions on how to behave on stage, but so did Thicke. Doesn’t the public outcry seem a little unbalanced?

In come some really awesome ladies who thought the same thing. This video is a parody of Robin Thicke’s racy “Blurred Lines” video, and warning for the easily offended, it is just as racy. However, that’s the point. They reversed the roles to show how unbalanced all of this is. Yeah, we all understand that sex sells and that indeed, men enjoy looking at undressed women. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. Women also enjoy looking at a good strong body every now and again too. It’s human nature. It’s the fact that it’s overwhelmingly scantily clad women often times portrayed as if their only joy in life comes from pleasing men. So if you thought this video was a tad ridiculous, it’s meant to make you feel that way. And if you don’t believe that things are unbalanced, the video I posted here is the second upload, due to YouTube flagging it as “inappropriate,” while Robin Thicke’s video remains untouched.

What do you think? Is it too much? Too little? Do you even care about Robin Thicke or that Miley whatever anymore? Comments welcome!

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A Saturday in San Francisco Meeting Actors!

This past Saturday I held auditions for my senior thesis film, Heartbreak Syndrome. It was a terrifyingly exciting experience because for the first time, I heard the actors who are going to be in the movie read lines from the script. It really made the movie go from a concept to something actually getting made […]