Daily Archives: August 19, 2013

Award Shows Ups and Downs

I’m aware this speech has been going around for a few weeks, which in the internet world makes it old news. Nonetheless I think the message is really important, especially to teens, especially after the really flashy VMA’s that I boycotted (minus the *Nsync performance, 90’s baby for life). So much media that is aimed at teenagers is about how you’re supposed to look, so it’s nice to hear a positive and inspirational speech claiming that smart is indeed sexy and that hard work does pay off! I just hope the speech wasn’t lost among the glitz and the glam of vampires with six packs (lets be real, we’ve all gotten lost in a sexy vamp every now and again).

What do you think? Did the speech inspire you? Do you think this is all boring bull crap? Comment below lovelies!

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