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Get to Know Our Awkward History

  No one ever believes the three of us when we tell them that, not only are we complete nerds but we are the most awkward people on the planet.  Don’t judge a book by its cover, we know how to look and act normal when necessary but I think these pictures really capture our […]

Seven Reasons I’m WAY Stoked for Fall 1

The style. Fall means boots, scarves, sweaters, tights, beanies and all kinds of snuggley clothes. In the summer, you take away clothes and if you’re still too hot, it’s really frowned upon to walk around naked. Or so my mom keeps telling me, who knows.  In the winter, it sometimes gets too cold/rainy to even […]



Wednesday in the Park

So we went to the park by my house to take the pictures and it was hilarious to say the least.  We live in Orange County, California so even though we were taking the pictures at 5:00 the sun was still bright and in our eyes.  I’m sure all my neighbors thought we were insane, […]

Award Shows Ups and Downs

I’m aware this speech has been going around for a few weeks, which in the internet world makes it old news. Nonetheless I think the message is really important, especially to teens, especially after the really flashy VMA’s that I boycotted (minus the *Nsync performance, 90’s baby for life). So much media that is aimed at teenagers is about how you’re supposed to look, so it’s nice to hear a positive and inspirational speech claiming that smart is indeed sexy and that hard work does pay off! I just hope the speech wasn’t lost among the glitz and the glam of vampires with six packs (lets be real, we’ve all gotten lost in a sexy vamp every now and again).

What do you think? Did the speech inspire you? Do you think this is all boring bull crap? Comment below lovelies!

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First Outfit

The start of this blog coincided with my birthday and the new DSLR that I got from my parents. I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos but with a brand new Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, you can imagine that it was hard for me to switch from taking pictures of buildings to pictures […]