Yearly Archives: 2013


Mini Trip to Philadelphia

Hi all! Sorry about the recent lack of posts, but I promise to get my act together! Last weekend I took a short trip to Philadelphia and I absolutely loved it!  I had never been there before but I know I’ll definitely go back cause its adorable! We got there Friday afternoon and checked into […]

My Theme Song

(warning, the music video you are about to watch has explicit content and brutal honesty)

Lily Allen is back, and as per the norm, she makes me smile. If you thought she couldn’t lyrically get any better than “Fuck you, fuck you very much,” you are about to be wrong. “Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits,” has officially taken its spot. Her new song Hard Out is fantastical, and paired with the music video she packs a big middle finger to sexism in Hollywood and the music industry. Which, I can’t help it, makes me grin.

So I have decided that this is my new theme song. Every time I say something sassy, expect to hear this song play in the background.

Almost Acoustic Christmas Jam of the Week

  This week, the lineup for KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas was announced. I currently am counting my pennies to go (srsly guys. I’m a poor college student. My parents can’t afford to be shipping me off to concerts like this).   In hopes that I can somehow get tickets, I am surrounding myself with all […]